Just wanted to thank all the posters who have provided invaluable advice to my husband and I in prep for our upcoming trip to CN and CSS (Nov. 30-Dec. 10). We've added things to our packing list that we never would have thought of (beach towel clips and small flashlight), have figured out our scuba schedule and have gotten more ideas for our vow renewal ceremony. We are coming to Jamaica for the Reggae Half Marathon (which is on our 4th anniversary) and will be spending the rest of the time at CSS scuba diving and laying in the sun.

It is clear why Couples is such a wonderful resort ... they have wonderful people who vacation there! We plan to become repeaters and with stays at CN and CSS and a side trip to CSA for the half marathon, we'll know where we want to come back to!

Thanks again to all of you incredibly friendly folks out there. We are even more excited about our trip than we thought possible.

33 days and counting
Bubba & Goofy