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    Default Curious aboutthe beach party and lobster night at CTI

    We are booked for CTI this December. We stayed there this past January for our honeymoon. Our stay there was AMAZING and can't wait to return. Due to extreme weather flying out of the US, we were delayed for a few days. With the delay, we missed out on the beach party and lobster night.

    Can anyone describe the beach party and the foods served that night?

    I am also curious about lobster night. I have heard they are on Friday nights. Are all the normal restaurants/buffet open and serve lobster?

    I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to be back in just a little over a month. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Lobster is served at all the restaurants on Friday. It is just prepared in different ways. I can't speak for the Beach Party, as we have only been once and that was a few years ago. The Beach Party is on Monday which is the same night as the repeaters' dinner (which by the way, we had lobster and steak in July). I think the Beach Party buffet is pretty much the same as the poolside Gala. It's all good.

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    The beach party on Monday night was by far the best evening activity we experienced at CTI. Entertainment, beautiful and speedy layout; food was similar to the buffet you get at Patio. I recall braised ox tail, grilled fish, jerk chicken, etc.

    Every restaurant has a lobster option for lobster night. Do your best to save room to experience as many dishes as you can.

    I'm jealous lol

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