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Thread: Miller Lite?

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    Default Miller Lite?

    Randy, or anyone else, is there Miller Lite at CSA? If not what other beer if offered?

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    Yes, Red Stripe Lite also.

    Life is good

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    Red Stripe!!!!!!!

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    Miller Lite is available at Swept Away.

    it's all about the kids

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    Yes, there is Miller Lite at CSA, but it is only available from the bars (and not in your mini-bar). In addition, you can get Guiness at the Sports bar, and Red Stripe and Red Stripe light everywhere. Carib is also typically stocked in the mini-bar.

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    Matt and Lisa,

    Just returned back from Swept Away on Sunday, and there is definitely Miller Lite there.

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    Is there really a need beyond Red Stripe? I remember them having Red Stripe and Caribe

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    Yeah, I guess I am a self proclaimed beer snob. My apologies in advance.

    CSA (and I suspect all Couples resorts) serve primarily draft Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light. When you get right down to it, light lagers are light lagers - relatively bland, very drinkable, a good "all day on the beach" beer. I suspect if you like Miller Lite you will like Red Strip Light just fine.

    I think each of the resorts has a bar or two where you can get some different beer (actually, I think Miller Lite in a can might be one of them...along with Heineken, Guinness in a bottle I believe...maybe others). You just have to find out which bar they serve them.

    When I am at Couples, I turn off my "beer snob filter" and go for mass quantities of Red Strip...again, a fine "all day on the beach" beer. Cheers!

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    I am a Miller Lite drinker. Thats the only beer I like, in the states. I went to the grocery store and got a six pack of Red Stripe to celebrate the booking for Feb 2012. Man, it didnt go down so well!!! But, when I am in Jamaica, the Red Stripe is the only beer I will drink. So, try it!! Give it a couple glasses. Maybe it will be your preferred beer at Couples.
    One Love,

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    Most of the bars at CSA had Miller Lite. It wasn't in abundance, so occasionally they ran out at some of the bars. The only other beer I drank was Red Stripe and Red Stripe Lite, but I can't remember if I saw anyone else drinking anything else. Red Stripe is the only one on tap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    You know... For a self proclaimed beer snob you seem pretty darn reasonable! LOL

    Please take this with the humor with which it was intended. Thank you.

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    yes they have it, but why in the world would you drink it....ever

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    Thanks to everyone who replied. We are very excited to leave next week. I love miller lite but I can adapt.

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