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    Default Scuba Diving and refresher course

    I've read some posts about requiring divers to do a refresher course prior to diving. Some posts say this is required if you haven't dived in 6 months, others state a year. Does anyone know the official policy? We go on a dive trip once a year so it will be about 53 weeks inbetween dives for us. We want to dive the morning after we arrive and don't want to miss it because we have to do a refresher course. Thanks.

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    No refresher. The official policy is that if it's been more than 2 years since your last dive, you need a refresher. No worries!

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    The first time I went to CTI, it had been about 10 years since I dove. A refresher course in the pool was certainly in order. The CTI dive team is great, and really takes care of all the divers no matter the skill level.

    A year later (51 weeks), I went back to CTI; Colin, Rasta and the gang remembered me - no refresher course needed.

    Heading to CSS in 31 days, 17 hours and 40 minutes (gotta love the countdown clock on my PC). Looking forward to diving with that team while the better half does the spa thing.

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    We were diving there in September and we were told one year. I was curious too as we hadn't dove in 7 months. (A dive Roatan vacation in February) One guy we met had not dove in 1.5 years and he didn't have to do a refresher. Maybe because he had his AOW and had about 150 dives in his log book. Who knows. They said there are alot of people who only go there once a year and they are okay.
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