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    Default CSS booked - room choice One Bedroom Beachfront Suite??

    Hi all, we just booked CSS for April 16th to 25th and can't wait to get back home! This will be our first time at CSS after going to CSA for the last few years so excited to try this place after hearing all the great things from people on these posts.

    My question is, when I booked today the One bedroom oceanfront suite was not longer available as my option so I booked the beachfront suite instead which costs more but I think I got a better deal on the overall package so probably worked out the same for the 10 days.

    Anyway, can anyone tell me if one room is better than the other even in location? Any info would be great.

    Thanks....let the countdown begin

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    Hi Rose - We are just down the "401" from you in Kingston! We have been to CSS 3 times, and have stayed in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite (which we liked the least), a Penthouse Suite (which was much better), and a One Bedroom Oceanview Suite (which was by far the best room!!). Now don't get me wrong, the Beachfront Suite rooms are beautiful, but we prefer the views from up on the cliffs, and the large balconies with the double padded lounge chairs. The Beachfront Suite balconies are all very tiny, with just enough room for a small table and 2 chairs, and although the views are all of the ocean, they don't give you the stunning, panoramic views of the ocean that the cliff rooms do.

    If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, and also some pictures from our trips there, which will include ones from the Beachfront Suite room. Believe me, you will absolutely love this resort!!! We are going to be there for New Year's this year, and are very excited about it.

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    It depends on what you are looking for. The one bedroom ocean are on the cliffs, and have a great view of the ocean. The balconies may be bigger. The beachfront suites are on the lawn in front of the beach. They are closer to the beach, and a couple of restaurants. However, if you are on the ground floor, you do not have as good of a view. The balconies are also a smaller. We have been in in both the ocean view, ocean veranda, and beach front. We now get the beach front because of the location due to my SO's breathing problems, causing him trouble climbing the steps. Me personally, I liked the steps - kept me in shape. So either type is great. Any room at CSS is great.

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    Rose... We have been to CSS twice and always stayed in the Beachfront Suite. We love it. It is close to the beach, Pallazina restaurant, the Friday night gala and the beach party. You will have to do stairs to go to the lobby, balloon bar, spa and the Casanova restaurant. The view is also beautiful. We will be there next year with friends from April 13th to 21st. Hope to see you there. We started a thread in the meet-up for April 2012 pictures but so far, we are the only ones that have posted a picture. It is very disappointing. We were at CN this year and met a lot of great people who posted their pictures. We are staying in a Penthouse Suite next year just to try something different but I think I'll miss the Beachfront Suite.

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    There are other threads on this one, so I will try to keep this short and to the point. Both room types (Beachfront and 1BR Ocean Suites) are fabulous. They just happen to be on opposite sides of the resort.
    The 1BR Ocean Suites are set in the cliffs (Blocks D, E, F & G), closer to the Spa, Gym, Balloon Bar and Cassanova Restaurant.

    The Beachfront suites are in Blocks A & B, on the beach level along with the pool, Pallazina restaurant (serves breakfast, lunch & dinner) and the Beach bar/Bella Vista, also right around the corner from Sunset Beach.

    We have stayed in both and love them each for the proximity to the different parts of the resort. Either way, the walk between places is enjoyable with the rainforest-esque atmosphere. Since you will be on the beach, make sure you take at least 1-2 strolls up to the other side of CSS to see the cool views from the Spa huts and people-sized chess board, Mineral pool, the Grotto and waterfall. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a msg. kksnyder23 at yahoo

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    Thanks everyone, appreciate all the feedback! I guess we will be fine in this room, like you say you really can't go wrong as long as we are at Couples!

    Karen, my fellow Ontarian I will send you an email and really appreciate any further information or pics you can send!

    Brenda, thanks for the info as well...hope to see you there next April! Kiki and Linda, appreciate the info...will let you know if I need anything looking forward to it!

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    Hi Rose!

    All accommodations at Couples Sans Souci are unique, in their own fashion. I don't think you will be disappointed with your room. My advice would be to wear comfortable foot wear, so that you can stroll through the grounds and take it all in. It is all good! Each area has a charm all of its own. We will be arriving at Sans Souci on April 17, 2012. Hope to see you then!

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