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    Default White sand in Denver

    Snowing like crazy.12" in the foothills of Denver. CSA and Dec 2nd cant come soon enough.
    Hope the beach is back by then.Do I need to bring my own Sand?

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    You can keep the snow out there.

    Rather be looking at white BEACH sand too.

    Denver, IA

    Life is good

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    I hear ya, sandman! 14" in our backyard in Broomfield. Get me the hell outta here! 3 weeks and I'll be sippin cocktails at the CN pool bar!

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    Hey! I was at the Omni in broomfield last week... SO glad i missed the snow (i hear your roads get NASTY!).... but i imagine it's so pretty... (i was in for the week, was wet on Monday when i got in and you could see that they were getting snow in the mountains)...

    LOVED what i saw of your beautiful state.... but I'd take couples over snow anywhere any day

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    We're in Parker...snow is gone, but you know we'll get more. At least snow in Denver goes away quickly. Skiing one weekend, heading to Jamaica the next. That's our plan. Living the dream!!

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    MnK ,When you going and where

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    Made it thru another 12" @ the house this week. Best thing about Denver... There's only a couple inches left and that will mostly be gone by this afternoon. 2 more weeks and no snow for at least 10 days!

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    Sandman...we're headed to CSS in march. Is this your first trip to csa? You will just love it. Where r u guys at?

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    MnK... I think this our 7th or 8th trip to CSA. We love it. We are up in Evergreen

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    only got about 8 inches in Brighton, the best part being it had already melted off my driveway when I got home and I didn't have to shovel. the worst part is we don't have any planned Couples trips to look forward to. have to visit all the family next year, and waiting until they offer the early booking bonuses for 2013 before I book the next trip.

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    Sandman ~ Where in Evergreen? We just moved from Brook Forest to Arizona. I miss the snow already!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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