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    Default Just Booked Honeymoon CSA 4/28/12 to 5/5/12

    Finally did it, we are traveling from St. Louis thru Atlanta and then we finally get to CSA!
    This will be our first trip out of the country and we are both looking forward to it.
    Thanks for all the input from the Boards, Members, Website, TripAdvisor, etc...I researched this more and more every day.
    Now there are only 184 days till we are in paradise!


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    Awesome! A few months back we booked out honeymoon to CSA also, we're flying out of St. Louis on 4/23/12 and will be there for a week! I can't wait!!! I'm thinking this winter is going to go by much too slow.....

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    Enjoy your honeymoon! We went there for our honeymoon a few weeks ago and it literally was paradise. that's all I could think the first time we stepped foot on the's amazing.

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    Congrats! You are going to love CSA. Welcome to the family.

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    It will be the best trip of your lives! Hubby and I just made the same flight a few weeks ago. CSA is absolutely amazing. Words of advice - try everything, enjoy it all and relax. It was our first trip and we didn't venture out much but did the catamaran and the glass bottom boat. Both are must do's. Next time we'll venture off of the resort !

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    Congrats CSA will give you the experience of a lifetime and youll definetly get addicted!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Only 142 more days to go!!!!
    We cannot wait to be there!

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    Double Digit Dance!
    Woot Woot!

    99 days to go!

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