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    Default Dr. Pepper in Jamaica?

    This is going to sound like a crazy question, but my future hubby and I will leave for our honeymoon to CSS in about three weeks. I am a Dr. Pepper fiend (start the day off with one). What is the availability in Jamaica? Do I need to attempt to bring my own?

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    Sorry, no Dr. Pepper that I know of. Pepsi is bottled in Jamaica and is what you will find most of. Ting is also a local drink. Might want to bring your own.

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    I have never seen Dr Pepper in Jamaica or at the resorts. Will Pepsi work? If not, I think you will need to bring your own, or switch for a week.
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    I am a DP supafreak, as well. I found the Diet Pepsi to actually be pretty good! ymmv

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    Maybe, (and I MEAN just maybe) they may have Dr. Pepper Lite at the little shop across the road from the Greathouse. I don't think I've ever seen a "Diet" Coke product in Jamaica. Mostly Coke Lite, which is similar but still different than Diet Coke.

    In my experience, my perceived need for my favorite brand of soda, beer, snacks, etc.... all fell by the wayside once I was actually on the ground in Jamaica.

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    i lived on the island for 7m and can't recall seeing dr pepper (i suspect you might be able to get it at one of the groceries stores in Negril that cater to visitors).. however if it is a dire need, i'd bring your own

    the pepsi is made and bottled on the island and IMO has a nicer taste down there... they use sugar cane as opposed to the more processed stuff... sweeter and not as chemically....

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    I am an avid soda drinker here at home. (big ups for diet dr.) Oddly enough, I don't touch the stuff when we are in JA. AT ALL. I mean not even once. There are so many wonderful things, that are such a bother to get or make at home, that just magically appear, its rather easy to expand the horizons a bit.

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    what about coke? I love my rum and cokes, please tell me I won't be drinking rum and Pepsi!

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    If you take a mug of draft beer and drop a shot of amaretto into it like a depth charge and then pound it back it really tastes like a Dr. Pepper. Try it while on vacay.

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    there ya go !!!! and think of all the room you'll save in your suitcase.

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    If you are prepared to experiment with a different fizzy soft drink, try Jamaican ginger beer - absolutely gorgeous. I thought I didn't like ginger but I tried it and now it is on my "when I get to CSA again" list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt and Lisa View Post
    what about coke? I love my rum and cokes, please tell me I won't be drinking rum and Pepsi!
    might want to bring your own... Jamaica in general and (i believe) couples in particular are very much pepsi places... i do remember pepsi being the soda in the mini fridge... i believe it's what's served at the bars too, but i'm not 100% positive ...

    although try the pepsi, it's made and bottled in jamaica, it tastes different... made with real cane sugar rather than processed stuff... the coke is from trinidad and IMO tastes the same... i typically don't drink much of either in Canada, but will choose coke over pepsi here, but i do prefer and actually drink a fair bit of pepsi when on the island...

    Jamaica is best known for ting, it's a grapefruit soda that's quite tasty even as a mixer (with vodka, never tried with rum )


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    MattandLisa, yes Pepsi products are at the resorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt and Lisa View Post
    what about coke? I love my rum and cokes, please tell me I won't be drinking rum and Pepsi!
    I'm a Captains and Diet Coke drinker and neither are available at Couples at the bars or in your mini fridge, just Pepsi.
    I did buy a few cans of Diet Coke at the little store by the pool at CN though and mixed that with the Appletons in our helped a little.

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    As somebody mentioned, the flavors of any branded soda is different in Jamaica than in the States: it's a different formula, and it's made with cane sugar instead of HFCS. I normally don't drink Pepsi, but the Pepsi there I find quite satisfactory on the few occasions I want something fizzy and sweet. But that's just me.

    I should also mention the ketchup is different: more vinegar, a little sweeter, a little thinner. It's very similar to the Ketchup you would find in Europe. I don't mind it, but my husband definitely doesn't like it. So if that's issue, you may want to consider packing some, as well. Now that Heinz has the dip-and-squeeze packets, refrigeration isn't an issue, and you can easily pop a couple in your beach bag for the day.

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