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    Default Thanksgiving in Negril

    Since we are going to be arriving at Negril on Thanksgiving day we were wondering if there were anything special going on that day/night ??

    Art & Bev.

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    Not really, since this is only a holiday for us Americans. This is one of the cat cruise days, as well as, the night of the beach party & bonfire, so its a really active evening at the resort. We went up to the Office of Nature in the afternoon last year and got a little Jamaican turkey (aka LOBSTER!) before coming back to do the cat cruise. Good times! Just make sure to sign up for the cat cruise immediately upon arrival, if you plan on doing it that night. It leaves around 4p, I think. We'll see you there! Enjoy!

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    We have been there the last two Thanksgivings and other than maybe seeing Turkey on the menu at dinner, it's just another day in paradise. Of course, we like it that way :-)

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    We have been the last three years to CN for Thanksgiving and each year they have had Turkey dinner on the beach. It is very nice. Check out the Jerk Turkey recipe on the message board. Next time try the Jamaican turkey that is jerked for Thanksgiving Dank120. We will see you there. You leave tomorrow and we leave Saturday to head home. Soon come.
    Tom and Teresa
    Daytona Beach

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    We are canadians and despite already having had our thanksgiving, and knowing that it is american thanksgiving next week, I seem to always book our holidays for the saturday after the american holiday!

    One way or another it will be nice and relaxing time down in Jamaica.

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