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    I'm scheduled to go home (to CSA) on Friday. It looks like Rina is scheduled to be in Mexico, maybe Cuba at that time. I'm flying from Atlanta, direct flight. Any idea if this is going to affect my homecoming?

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    I was worried about the same thing! We leave a week later than you so please keep us all informed of the conditions you run into down there! We head back to CSA on November 5th.

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    I use to see the tracking maps for the storms.

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    shouldn't have any impact, your flight may have to divert slightly around, but i think US flights often divert around cuba anyways? not sure, but i suspect you'll have little worries... enjoy

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    We also are leaving out of Charlotte Friday, hopefully Rina will creep away into the Gulf far enough to leave us alone.

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    My husband and I are headed to CSA for the first time next week (11/3), and are a little worried about the impacts of this storm, also. All the predictions are saying it is headed far north of Jamaica, so hopefully any impact will be minimal.

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    I don't think the storm is going to keep you from MoBay or your vacation. As the storm moves north, the emphasis of wave action on Jamaica's beaches is going to switch from the west side of the island (which has been taking a beating since early last week when we were at SweptAway) to the north side of the island, assuming that Rina takes the projected path.

    The forecast this last weekend was for high surf conditions along the Seven Mile Beach. It's difficult to say what affect this will have, since beach erosion in one spot tends to mean beach building in another. The ocean giveth, and the ocean taketh away.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thank you for your input!

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