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    Default Sea Urchins & "sea creatures" - CN

    I've heard many people on this board state they have been bitten by a sea urchin. I wouldn't mind a bit of info on this. Do I need to bring anything for these bites? Do they hurt? How did you get bitten? Are they hard to see in the water? What other kinds of "sea creatures" are out there?

    I keep picturing myself floating on the calm water and then I read these things and wonder if I will truly be able to relax. Seems silly, doesn't it? I hate spiders too.

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    You get poked, not bitten. A little urine will clear it right up.

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    A sea urchin actually can't bite you, because they don't have a mouth or teeth. They are small, hard outer skeleton, globe-shaped creatures that aren't incredibly mobile, kind of like a starfish or snail. They are very spiny, like a "sea porcupine" or a pin cushion, with the pins pointing out instead of in. The swim area in the sea off the beach at CN has a rope border to keep out motorized vehicles. Within that area, there are no natural or artificial reefs, so I'm not sure where there would be sea urchin, because they need something to attach to and typically aren't in the sand. We've only seen them on the reefs at the dive spots and never within the swim area. If you are still worried about them, just google a picture, so you know what to look for. In this area, anything bigger than a racquetball would be very rare if any at all. If you do make contact with a spine, it feels kind of like a rose thorn, only longer and spiny. Nothing like a jellyfish or anything like that. No worries!
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    Thanks. Cleared up my fears completely

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