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    Default Bringing alcohol back into the U.S.?

    I can't remember, so hope that someone can help me. After checking our bags, can we purchase rum cream at the MB airport to put into our carryon? Will there be any problems after landing? Also, we have a 2nd leg (Houston-Seattle) on our flight home. Can we keep the alcohol in our carry-on, or will we have to repack into our checked bag?
    Thanks for some input?

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    Carry-on out of Jamaica, then you have to repack into your checked luggage after customs in Houston, because you have to go back through security before boarding your Seattle flight.

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    You'll have to put it in your checked bags. We brought bubble wrap and had no issues. I am missing my rum cream. We just finished the last bottle.

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    Yes, you can purchase alcohol at MoBay after you have gone through security. You can carry it on board. However, once you arrive in Houston, you will have to go through customs and immigration there. You also will have to claim and recheck your checked luggage and go through security again before boarding your connecting flight to Seattle. Because you have to go through security, you cannot have any liquids on you in excess of the 3:1:1 rule. So, if you have a 1 liter bottle of rum cream, you will need to place it in your checked bags. This is certainly do-able. Lots of people suggest bringing bubble wrap for this purpose and then wrapping it with clothing. I have done this and the bottles have gotten home unbroken. However, there's also the risk that the bottle will break in your checked bag, especially if it is treated particularly roughly.

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    It has to be repacked in your luggage!

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    You are allowed to purchase alcohol at the airport and carry it on. However, after landing in the states, you'll have to repack it in your checked luggage.

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    The only way you can put it in your carryon is if you have a nonstop flight to your destination. Since you don't, you will have to repack it into your checked luggage. I would suggest you wrap it in something like a towel. The luggage handlers were a little rough with our bags, and when we picked up our luggage there was a broken bottle and leaking luggage lol.

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    You absolutely can purchase Sangsters Rum Cream after you pass the security checkpoint at MBJ. Here's how its done.

    When you go into the store, be sure to have your passport with you. You will need it AND your boarding pass to make your purchase. After you've made your purchase, the store must box it up for you... a tip for this service is in order. You can then carry this box onto your flight.

    On your first entry point (in your case, Houston), you will have to declare your purchase and then pick up your checked luggage for re-checking to your final destination. When you do this, you must place your purchase into your checked bag. As you can imagine, this presents some logistical effort on your part. For one thing, this limits you somewhat on how much you can purchase. For another, you will want to pack the box into your checked bag in such a way as to offer as much protection from the baggage handling experts as possible.

    Hope that helps...

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    Yes you can purchase it at the duty free shops after you go through security. They will package it up for you in a nice thick box with a handle. If the airline you're flying allows a second bag, you will not have to put it in your carry on, they will let you store it under your seat or in the overhead.
    Unfortunately you will have to repack it in your checked luggage though prior to the connecting flight. It's the 3 ounce rule. That's why we always go non-stop flying home.... love that Sangsters Rum Cream!

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    When you are in Customs in the USA you must put it in your checked bag. No way around this. The good thing is they do not reweigh your bags, so no over weight charges.
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