Hi everyone! My fiancé and I were first-timers at Couples Resorts, and we had an absolutely magical time! We actually got engaged on the pier our first night there, it was amazing.

The only hiccup on an otherwise flawless trip was that my fiancé left his camera in the lobby on our last morning while we were waiting for the airport shuttle. He called from the airport in Montego Bay, but the camera was already gone from the couch we were sitting on. After a follow up email on his part, this is my last hope!

Please, please, please if anyone found the camera, or if it's sitting in a lost and found somewhere, it would mean so much to both of us to have those memories. There are irreplaceable pictures of our engagement and other priceless moments from the trip.

I would be ecstatic just to have the memory card; keep the camera no questions asked!

We stayed at Couples Tower Isle from August 5-August 12 of this year.

Crossing my fingers!

Stephanie (and Eric)