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    Default CSA Night Activities and Closed Restaurants???

    Hi... We will be heading back to CSA in about a month. This will be our 2nd trip to CSA and the last time we were there was about 4 years ago. I pulled up the restaurants and noticed that almost all of them are closed on Friday for Dinner. It looks like Feather's is the only option for dinner on that night. Anyone know why they are all closed? The main reason I ask this is because we are going to celebrate my birthday and it is actually on Friday!!! Any help would be appreciated THANKS!!!

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    From what I've read (will be arriving tomorrow) it is because the beach party is on Friday nights. Hope that helps and if I'm wrong someone will respond.

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    The Shipwreck Beach party is held on Friday nights. It is a fantastic buffet dinner on the beach. Don't miss the coffee bar! In addition, Patois is also open on Friday nights. I'm not sure why it's not showing as open on the web site, but several people have confirmed recently that it is also open on Friday evenings.

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    I think the reason for the closure of all of the other restaurants that night is due to the Shipwreck Beach Party. They probably a.) want to drive as many people as possible to this event as it is a pretty big production and b.) because it is a big production, there is a TON of staff that they use, so they probably need all the help they can get.
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    They usually do a huge beach Cookout on Friday's

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    Friday's is the beach party... FUN FUN FUN!! Huge buffet and great entertainment... it will be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. If you decide not to do the beach party for your birthday and want something more intimate, you can still go to Feathers. Either option should fulfill a terrific birthday celebration for you.

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    Friday night is the beach bonfire party!

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    That is the night of the Beach Party... so yes, all of the restaurants are closed. Having said that, when we were there last year, Patois was also open that night. If might depend on how busy the resort is. Last week when we were at SweptAway, occupancy was at about 60% (lower than normal). So, last week, all restaurants but Feathers were closed.

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    The beach party is Friday night. That is why the other restaurants are closed.

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    All the restaurants are closed because that is the night of their beach party so everyone has to work. It is a lot of fun and great food! Since this big event for the entire resort is going on the restaurants and entertainment are all closed. Hope this helps and I am sure you will enjoy your bday no matter what you do because CSA is paradise!!!

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    They all are closed because of the Beach party that night. There is a buffet and entertainment all set up on the beach and local vendors set up also. They had to move ours inside but the food was absolutely amazing! Hope you find it a great way to enjoy your birthday!

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    I think the beach party is on Friday night.

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    THANK YOU all for your responses!!! We will try out the beach party and I am sure we will have a BLAST!!! I just wish it would HURRY UP and get here

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    Shipwreck beach party is Friday night. Feathers and Patois are opened. If this is your first visit to CSA you should do the beach party as it is a lot of fun and food is delish.

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