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    Default March 27---------April 3 Who Else?

    We Booked!
    Please join in to say Hi or post your information. Many of the repeat guests know how friendly the people are at couples! The MB is a great place to start making new friends, and seeing old ones. I hope to meet all of you that are going this week, and yes I will buy you a drink of your choice. Please feel free to ask any questions, or post any concerns. See you soon Eric

    When: 3-27---4-3
    Who: Eric & Melissa
    From: Merrill, WI
    Status: Married for 7 yrs
    Kids: Mckenna 3yrs, Mason and Mya 6 months
    Occupation: Electrician, Guidence counselor
    Favorite Drink: Me= Miller Lite, humming birds. her= fruity
    Favorite resort: CN of course 6x CN and once to COR(CTI)
    Networks: FaceBook, Myspace
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    Default March 2010

    Hi Eric and Melissa....

    So happy to hear that you will be back next year. Ken and I are also booked and will be at CN March 24 - April 3. Look forward to seeing you - is alittle over 200 days (but who's counting).

    Hope the family is well...please bring pictures.

    see ya in March

    Karen & Ken
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    Karen nice to hear from you as well, we will be more than ready for a break after this year, here are Mckenna,3yr,Mason,Mya
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    Default beautiful family!

    What a beautiful family....I'm sure you will be ready - you're probably ready now

    I'll bet Mckenna is a happy little girl with a new brother and sister.

    Congrats again and look forward to seeing you guys.


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    Hey Guys...It seems like our paths may have crossed before on this MB, but don't think we've ever met...even though our travel times always seem to coincide...We are booked for our 3rd CN trip 3/27--4/4..and this will be our 4th couples trip(did CSS this last spring....hopefully we will meet all of you this trip..Lisa and Patrick

    Lisa & Patrick
    Crestview, FL
    married 5 years
    daughter Mallory,13
    Occ. Dental Asst,Utility Tech
    Drinks:Bay Breeze,Hummingbird, RedStripe
    Resort:CN(2x)CSS(1x),and once to D.R.
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    Default Join the group

    Hello lisa and Pat,,Yes I have seen your posts before, but Have never meet you,,,well this year we will! The bay breeze,, got me in lots of trouble,,,my favorite made with stolichnaya vodka!

    electricmeyer Eric & Melissa WI 3-27--4-3 6th CN
    kkinmass Karen & Ken ?? 3-24--4-3 ?
    LisaPat Lisa & Pat FL 3-27--4-4 3rd CN

    Please correct any of my mistakes,,,,193 days,17 hours 44 minutes

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    Default just booked.....2010 2011

    We are booked for 4/2-14/10 and 4/1-10/11 at CN

    We are hooked, hook, line and sinker.....can't wait!

    Jay 47
    Susan 46

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    Default March 27 to April 3

    Hey, Ken and Karen, good to see you are heading back to CN once again. It was great hanging out with you guys last year.

    We won't make any final decisions until the New Year, but if we return to CN, it would be starting March 27.

    Cheers for now,
    Dale and Deb

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    Hi D&D...

    Yah Mon!

    I wonder how Pierre and Anne are doing?

    Maybe we'll C U guys in March!


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    Hey Ken/Karen...Eric/Melissa...look forward to meeting you guys next year...just a reminder....we are approaching the 1/2way mark between our departure and arrival again into MBJ airport!!!! Let's welcome old man winter then send him packing as quickly as possible

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    Lisa, Pat is there a such thing as old man winter in FL????Now here in WI.....when its -30,, that is winter, and its right around the corner ouch!

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    Don't know if anyone has seen this before...from our 1st trip to CN

    ...And...from our CSS trip this past April

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    Eric/Melissa....Lisa & I are both from the northeast(Ct-me, NJ-her)...much more mild here than there, obviously...but being that we are in the gets to below freezing briefly...but we still have about 7-8 months of summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaPat View Post
    Don't know if anyone has seen this before...from our 1st trip to CN

    ...And...from our CSS trip this past April
    Thank you for sharing,,,Great photos,,I do have some of my Jamaica photos on Face Book,, If any one wants to Look,,, on at
    172 days to go

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    Our last weekend of camping,, after getting out 14 weekends this season,, some time off will give us a needed break,,, but now the weather looks to be in the forty's, and lows below freezing,,will will be counting the days....172 to go.......
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    we booked, march 23 - april 03

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    After 2" of snow yesturday,,, It looks to be a long winter!

    electricmeyer Eric & Melissa WI 3-27--4-3 6th CN
    kkinmass Karen & Ken ?? 3-24--4-3 ?
    LisaPat Lisa & Pat FL 3-27--4-4 3rd CN
    laferia Belgium 3-23--4-3

    Please correct any mistakes

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    Hello all...we are finally booked, just got our flights today.

    We are Jason and Kim from Long Island and will be at CN 3/27 to 4/5.

    Will upload some pictures once I get around to resizing them...

    153 days to go

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    OK, here are two pictures of us...the first one is from Wrigley field which was one of our stops on our 'ballpark tour' this summer. The other is from April at CN
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    J and K,

    We were with you guys last April, I competed in the 3 point basketball competition also......wasn't the weather perfect while we were there!

    We Arrive April 2 and leave April 14th, we are overlapping with some brits that we met last April, they were a blast! Can't Wait!

    Jay and Susan

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    electricmeyer....... Eric & Melissa.....WI..... 3-27--4-3.... 6th CN
    kkinmass.............Karen & Ken....... ??..... 3-24--4-3 ......?
    LisaPat............. Lisa & Pat........ FL..... 3-27--4-4.... 3rd CN
    laferia.................?........... Belgium... 3-23--4-3
    J_and_K..............Jason & Kim........NY..... 3-27--4-5
    ironranger...........Jay & Susan........??......4-2--4-14

    Please correct any mistakes

    150 Days to go

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    Forgot to mention, Susan and I are from Noblesville, IN just north of Indianapolis...... Go COLTS!!!!

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    Hey Jay and Susan...of course we remember you...we talked on the message board and then met up briefly...glad to see that you enjoyed yourselves enough to come back again...and again...and...we overlap only for a bit, my teacher's break coincides with Passover, so it's really early...hope all is well and hope to see you at the 3 point shoot out again...

    We arrive close to 1 on the 27th, so maybe we will see some of you on the shuttle...

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    Jason and Kim we arrive at 12 on the 27th,,but thinking of taking a plane ride up
    counting the days.......

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    Jason, I will definately be at the 3 point shooting bananza..... The time is flying by fast....its almost next year already!!!!

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