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    Default Great to finally meet you Randy!

    Randy - After almost 20 years and as many visits to Couples CTI we finally had the pleasure of meeting you at the repeaters dinner 2 weeks ago! What a fantastic evening, 8 Rivers was the fullest we've seen it, over 90 covers we believe. Wow, all those repeaters, all of them as addicted to the aphrodisiac qualities of Couples, each and every one of them hooked on the joys that only Couples can inspire! Moving speeches by both you and Leonard Henry, truly emotion-stirring.

    Now we're home we are frantically trying to piece together a plan to return for the anniversay at CTI in January, only 12 weeks from now woo-hoo! Might we be blessed enough to see you again?

    Couples is our home, the staff are our dearest family, we look forward to growing old(er) with you

    Dave & Alison Tuckett. UK.

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    Hi Dave and Ali,

    It was great meeting you as well. Wonderful to see old and new friends...

    Yes, I will be at the Ochi Anniversary weekend celebration: January 13-15.

    See you then - again.

    Couples Resorts

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    Let me also add Randy that it was our pleasure meeting you at CSA, during the 13th anniversary celebration. You can certainly carry a tune, it was lots of fun with Ultimate! Hopefully you have been able to locate the wine

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    Fantastic! Thank you for replying so quickly too, you have answered a question we were pondering over... when will the celebations take place on the resort. We thought it would be closer to the 20th. Those dates are just perfect for us as it is our own anniversary of marrying in the gardens of CTI on the 12th in 1993. One LOOOOONG celebration! Just need to book the flights/rooms now... Wishing the days away!

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    Dave and Alison, nice guns!

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    Thanks Bearso! What better reason to get in shape than Couples! Did we meet you last week?

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