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    Default Reception Included?

    We are getting married at CN on January 7th 2012. We have around 14 people coming with us and I'm just wondering how things work after the we need to pay extra for everyone to eat toghether or is this included? Also, we are planning on getting the video, do we need to pick out music for this, and if so, how many songs? Do we get to pick music for me to walk down the aisle too? Sorry, I know this is like a million questions in one thread but I'm on offical wedding countdown and I'm getting nervous about all the details!!
    Cassie, Future Negril Bride

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I put together 5 songs on a cd to be added to my video. I also had a steel drum band and really wanted that music used instead of the cd, I made sure my cd had the same songs that the band played for walking down the aisle etc. So if they could not use the live music they had the back up cd. They used the cd and and they showed the band playing a few songs on the video. I made sure I had a detailed summary printed out that went with the cd so they knew exactly what song I wanted in the different parts of the video. Here is a link that helped me alot with making my decisions

    about half way down her post she posts her shutterfly account and password.Just click on that, once you are on her main page on the left side click on pictures and videos then the video will be on the right of the screen just click on the arrow.

    As far as eating together I can't help you on that. I got married at 10 am then had a coctail reception right on the beach there was 10 of us. It cost 15.00 a person for the cold canapes.

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    Thanks sunstarsmoon!!

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