Oh my goodness (Fresh Prince we've caught this off you!!)...where to start????
Don't deliberate...get your credit card out...you won't be disappointed! Like 40% of the other couples staying there, we will RETURN!
From the moment we arrived at CSA we felt at home and fantastically well looked after....nothing is too much trouble for the staff...albeit there was very little we could want for as everything and more was in place. We were on our honeymoon and thoroughly enjoyed our complimentary massages at the beautiful spa...my husbands first ever...I had to peel him off the bed or he would still be lying there now!
I heard the odd moan about things taking too long to be done.....people, people...it's Island time....no rushing....a piece of chilled out paradise! I think it affected us quite severly as we turned up for our Managers Welcome Cocktail Party a mere 24 hours late, much to the amusement of the barman!!
Our 2nd floor garden attrium suite was perfect. Spacious, clean, lovely and private hidden away amongst the tropical palms. Thanks to the lovely Lalitha and others who always made the room immaculate and 'decorated' our towels everyday. Contrary to some reviews I have to say that we didn't come across a single bug.
There is never a lacking of activities during the day from cocktail, basket and bead making (with Jimmy) to tennis and golf or getting a Jamaican 'hair-do' with Naughty Mama Janet, Dainty and Kim.
Food, food, glorious food!! Spoilt for choice all day everyday....the beef tenderloin in Feathers was the best we have ever had..sorry England!! The lobster on a Saturday night in Patois simply exquiste...we can still taste it! Palms, the buffet restaurant, has endless choices of cuisine...too many for me to decide from! One thing we could always decide on, however, was our morning Mimosas (champagne and orange juice) served to us with the biggest smile and laughs by the beautiful Racquel (our hostess with the mostest!) and lovely Lakeata (the cheetah!) - sorry guys if we spell any names wrong! We will never sit anywhere else!
Evening entertainment is always in full supply, whether its chilling round the bonfire with acoustic music on a Thursday, enjoying the lavish 5* beach party banquet on a Friday with great live shows, put on by 'Slick Nik' and the crew, or dancing the night away in the Aura Lounge. Amazing drumming guys...must beg a lesson when we come back!
We were lucky to be at the resort for the 13th Anniversary Celebration and what a fabulous show they put on...including an awesome performance from Marisko...fab to meet you guys.
Getting from one end of the resort to the other was always a mission for us....stopping to sample yet another cocktail variation at the beach bars or play a spot of draughts on the bar and enjoy the company of Navina, Dwight, Curtis and Chevel. It's not on the vast cocktail menu but a 'Miami Vice' seemed to be the order of the day down at the pool bar...definitely worth a try.
Watersports...oh my goodness...take your pick whenever you wish. Hop on a Hobie cat (Fresh Prince you won't beat my valet parking!!), pop out for a ski, cruise around in a kayak, wind-surf, dive or take a snorkelling trip. The sea is like crystal ice and the sandy beach just so beautiful. The watersports hut ('surf shack') and the 'towel shack' became our second homes and the guys our new Jamaican 'family'! Thanks to all of you for making our holiday extra special...Fresh Prince, Harley Davidson, Pop Tart, Baby Dex (Brummie!), Queen Colline, Foxy Roxy, Marshall, The Joker, Big Orlando, Fuller, BigZ, Rudy, Not nice, Kareem, Curtis....sorry if we have missed anyone out! !
A huge thanks to Top Man Fabian for helping us play 'hunt the lost wedding ring', and to James Wettengl for the letter. Another fun activity that we invented was 'Jamaican bed-mat surfing' - get four mats piled up in the sea and attempt to stand on them long enough to say 'I love Jamaica' - best not to challenge the watersports guys to this - we got slaughtered big time!!
The Sunset Catamaran Cruises were superb fun. Crazy colourful Firlene and Captain Jack Sparrows motley crew!! Also we had a brief but beautiful visit from a bottlenose dolphin who rode the bow wave for a while. The slide on the cat was great fun...beware if you dive and are wearing a bikini it will end up round your ankles...much to the amusement of others I found!!
We had the pleasure of meeting Lee Issa, the owner and visionary behind the Couples resorts, and the great fun group comprising Bernie, Winsom, Adele et al, and of course the cheeky 'mad' Stanley.....we will catch up next time for that game of poker and some more Shakin' Jamaican!!
Thank you all so very very much for everything.....'The chain is long, but the link is strong!'
Loads of love and hugs to you all, we miss you....See you soon.
Simon and Suzi (AKA Bob and Empress!!) xx :-)