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    Which restaurant do you think is best for lobster night and why ?? Thanks in advance! 84 days and counting...

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    Why not try all of them? :-)

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    You really can't go wrong with any of them, but I prefer the beach grill. Casanova is great, and my wife likes it better, but you must dress up a little to go there.

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    Hi Krazykeith,

    I've never been to a Couples Resort, we are heading down this winter to CSS -- how dressed up is 'dressed up' when it comes to dining for men? Are we talking closed tow shoes, long pants and a shirt with a collar or are we talking jacket and pants, tie, dress shoes, etc...

    Just wondering.

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    You can go as nice as you'd like, but minimum is just as you said...closed toe shoes, long pants and a shirt with a collar. Some people, especially the ladies, get pretty dressed up for dinner. Most wear dresses of some sort. It's not a big deal, I just prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of the beach. I am on vacation!

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    Do all restaurants need reservations for Lobster Night? We arrive on the Wednesday and I am thinking Casanova will be booked. We are first time visitors to CSS and wondering if the Beach Grill will need be ok with walk-ins for that night.

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    You're right, Casanova will likely be full, but it's worth asking at check-in. The beach grill doesn't take reservations, but both of the other restaurants do; I'd recommend going a bit early (which usually isn't too difficult on a travel day) because later on there can be a bit of a wait at the the beach grill. There's a nice bar and plenty of people to talk to there if you do have to wait.

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    Thank you for the information krazykeith. Dinner and drinks at the beach grill will be perfect for us the first evening. I will ask about Casanova at check-in but no big deal for us if it's full....we can reserve another evening for dinner.

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