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    Default diveshop at Couples Negril

    How are things at the dive shop since Brian and Craig have left? We are taking a future trip back to cn and my husband has been pleased on the way things have been run with the dive department. He is a little concerned that there are some changes in how things are now and the dive experience might be different. Has anyone been there recently that can give us an update on things are going in the dive shop. It will be weird not seeing Brian and Craig. I'm the wife of a diver(non-diver) and I enjoyed seeing Brian in the gym while I was working out. Thanks for your help.

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    I was there diving late September and the diving was amazing! Yes, there are some new faces in watersports. Missed Craig, he is so sweet. The new supervisor is not like Brian at all! Brian was so outgoing. Nothing bad about the new gentleman. I had seen his face before. He is so quiet, I didn't even catch his name. Richard and Sugar teach. We dove with Shrek (Ashryan) all week and had a blast. Courtney is driving Bubbles and is also very quiet. That's ok Shrek was entertaining and so funny! We saw dolphins three times. Shrek told us they are killing the lionfish on Sundays and you could really tell there numbers are down. Schools of fish have returned. Jovane and another guy whose name I can't remember were helpers and very sweet. You husband will have a blast!

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    What??? Craig and Brian are gone???? I just loved Craig...if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be diving today. Any news where they went? I hope they left on happy terms.

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    Craig is at another resort. He wanted to teach. It was a good move for a family man. Brian went to Austria (pretty sure ) to be with his family Europe for sure. You will like Jovane. He is a sweety just like Craig.

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    Craig and Richard are the reasons I tried diving. My husband dives every day when we're at CN and we've gotten to know Craig, Richard, Alain, Bryan, Shrek and Sugar. Will definitely miss Craig and Bryan. Does anybody know how to get in touch with Craig?

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    if you are talking about Bria Plunkett, he is now at CSA.

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    I believe Craig is at Beaches Negril on 7 Mile Beach

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    Brian, Craig and Shrek are all gone. The guys now start at 6:30am instead of 8:30am like they used to do. So when you come to the dive at 8:30 the boat is already loaded with fresh tanks. The guys now get 2 days off a week due to starting 2 hours early everyday. I was just there Nov. 25th thru Dec 2nd and the diving was very good. The dive boat was full every day which I was not used to at CN in the past. Still everthing went smooth and the diving was as good as usual. I sure do miss the guys who left!

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