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    I've been reading on the site about getting a resort photographer for your trip. A couple of questions about that. 1) what's the fee? 2) how long do they follow you? Is it for a particular hour/day or random shots throughout the stay? We are going for our 10 year anniversary and would live more than self-portrait style shots of the both of us together.

    Second question is regarding excursions. We are going to be staying at CTI in June and def want to do Dunn's Falls as well as other things. I know its beat to do Dunns Falls on the weekends vs the weekday - is that true? I've heard from other websites when reading reviews that zip lining, mountain biking and other adventure trips/tours possibly are available. How do we get information on the excursions that the resort doesn't include? Do we pay/book for them prior and what about getting to and from?

    Thank you for all your help!

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    I can only speak to SweptAway; this year there seemed to be photographers roaming all over, all day. One of the concessions that is available is the Photo Desk... and you can browse your photos (tell the person on the desk where you were, and when you were there when you were being photographed). See something you like, its yours for a fee.

    One little switch from previous years... if you purchase prints, they are mailed to you. If you opt for the disk, you receive an unconditional release from Couples indicating that you purchased proof license and can use them at your discretion... get prints at your local photo shop, Wallymart, CeeVeeSss... where ever you prefer.

    We purchased five images (jpg's) on cd for $65, and included a luggage tag (which will be shipped). And yes... you can use any resort credits you have at your disposal for this.

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    I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. First off, congratulations on your trip to CTI! The resort photographers do take pictures randomly through out your stay ie. at dinner, on the cat cruise, etc. You go to the photo shop to look at the pictures of you and decide if you want to purchase any. How much it costs depends on how many you get and if you want any mounted in a frame. You can also book a session to have a shoot done. I do not know the cost of this.
    As for Dunns River Falls, the best time to go is when the cruise ships are not in port. I know other people have posted a link on the message boards that gives the cruise schedules. Any other non included excursions you can book at the resort while you are there. (When you get to CTI her desk is just inside the lobby to your right, opposite check in.) I believe all of the excursions include transportation too and from the activities. I hope this helped a little. Enjoy your trip!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    aside from the random shots they take, you can also go to the photo desk and request to have th photographer meet you at a specific location and time to take pics of you. there is no extra charge for this, just the regular charge for the pics when you buy them. my wife and i scheduled to have pics taken of us before our private dinner that we did to celebrate our anniversary at CSS. the photographer met us at Sunset Beach and took some great shots, then showed up again at our dinner to take a couple more. i assume they don't charge for this because they know that if you are asking them to be there you will definitely buy them, and they charge enough for that to cover the photographer's time.

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    For tours we booked them long before we got to Jamaica. There was a special with buy one get one free so it ended up being quite reasonable. We did book directly with the tour company though. No problem mon.

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    We had a staff photographer take pics of our vow renewal ceremony. He did a great job, but I don't remember the cost. I'm sure you can go to the room with the pictures in it and arrange a photographer to take photos. They also go around the resort from time to time and you can collect all your photos that way and put them into an alblum.

    Someone already mentioned checking cruise schedules for the Dunns River trip. Not a bad idea, but that trip is usually pretty busy anyway and having a cruise in during your trip may actually keep the hawkers away from you. They can be fairly aggressive, particularly if you are not used to people constantly asking you to buy things.

    You can research and arrange outside tours online prior to going, or you can wait until you get there. There is a desk in the lobby with brochures and they can help you arrange the tours.


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    If we book before, how do we know who to book it with. What about transportation before/after

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