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    Default Our wedding at CSA - 9-10-11

    Pictures from our wedding at CSA on 9-10-11 =) Enjoy!

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    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing

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    Your pictures are beautiful!!!! Such a beautiful couple! Looks like you and your guests had a fabulous time. I can't wait, our date is set for 12/31 at CSA, so your pictures just made me way more excited! What wedding time slot did you have? How was Stonehouse (I think that's what it's called)? Can I ask about your flowers too?

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    I love your pictures!! :O))

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    Our time slot was at 3PM, it was thundering but did not rain, so that was a nice added ambiance. I am not sure what the Stonehouse is - do you mean where we were dancing or where the cake-cutting was? The flowers were an upgrade, I think $125 I cannot remember specifically though. They were beautiful I was so happy with them.

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    Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Great pics guys, this is Jon we had lunch in the airport on the way out.

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Default amazing

    A little late, but just saw your post and pictures... LOVE them! Belated Congrats

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    your wedding was beautiful! i'm getting married june 12th and wondering...did you go to the nightclub when it opened that evening or did you reserve time for you and your wedding party??

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with all of us. Looking at your pictures made me cry....happy tears of course. Very beautiful couple and all your friends/family look like they were having a great time! Kirk and I will be married one month from today at CTI. Getting more excited by the day.
    Thanks again,
    Melissa (soon to be Mrs. Kirk Hinote)

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