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    Folks. Did you know you can add your photo and a background picture under your own profile page? I have an example on my profile page (click on my name). I am still trying to get the right size for a background pic so that it is just ONE pic that fills the screen.

    This is a cool feature that will allow us to see what you look like.

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    I like it, that is really cool. But the bright yellow makes it hard to read. Now I have something fun to do at work today. Make my new profile page. Thanks

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    crabracers Guest


    What a yellow!! After the spots went away and my blurred eyesigjt began to clear, I was able to make out parts of things. I tried sunglasss too.


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    Notice how Papa Smoke is dragged the length of the beach to make sure the measurements are correct.

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    Yep, love that feature. Our picture is up there (need to resize a Jamaica pic and will change it soon). Enjoy!


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    Wait a minute.....You should not SEE any yellow. My background is a lovely ocean shot. Is that what you see?

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    No Papa, your background is BRIGHT YELLOW, but I love the photo

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    It is BRIGHT yellowNo Ocean Blue!

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    Papa Smoke your picture is fine but the background color for the entire profile is yellow. Similar to mine being neon green.

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    yes an incredibly bright yellow about this color.with white writing.

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    I see yellow for the background....cant wait to see the lovely ocean shot...I have been trying to figure out how to put a pic in there too...

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    Yep, yellow it is!!! Is there any way to view an enlarged version of your photo? When I bring up your profile page the photo is small enough I really can't tell what you look like.

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