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    I got an e-mail today that has an attachment for a thank you letter from Gail Stephenson - Issa Trust Foundation .... Kinda scared to open it just in case it's not really from her & is a virus ..... Once bit ( & ended up with a dead laptop ) so now am way more careful ... Did everyone else get the e-mail too??

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    I got the thank you letter too. No problems opening it. Unfortunately I still haven't received the calendar yet. Payment went through on Nov 21st. Hope it comes soon. I don't want to go out and buy another calendar if this one is in the mail.

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    They send out an acknowledgement, for tax purposes.

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    I am SO happy to report that after calling Gail at Couples/Issa Foundation to report that we never received our calendar, she sent another out and we received it yesterday!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ...Couples, take me away!

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    We got our calendar yesterday!! 40 days until paradise.

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