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    I will be traveling to CTI for my honeymoon in April 2010. I have heard from other people (that didn't stay at Couples resorts) that they didn't make their dinner reservations in advance and therefore weren't able to eat at the restaurants they wanted to. Is this an issue with CTI or any of the other Couples resorts?

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    Well, reservations are usually in advance of an event () but we've had both success and lack of success booking the same day. It depends on occupancy and personal choices for dinner.

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    We have never had a problem making reservations for the restaurants. Only 2 require reservations. You can usually do it the day before.

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    You cannot make reservations in advance at couples. We have always book the day before or on the same day and have been able to get in. If there is somewhere particular you want to eat, on a particular night (special occasion), then sign up when you get there. You have to remember Couples are only small resorts so there are not hundreds of people trying to book the same restaurant. You will be able to get into the ones you want. Have a great time and enjoy, the food is great.

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    We have always booked the "day of" and have never had a problem. Although we aren't picky about the time we eat dinner. We like to dine a little later than most.

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    Congrats on your honeymoon! We honeymooned at CTI too, and got hooked, and have been back every year since, so be warned, it might happen to you too! We now go every April, so it you're there the 8-18, drinks are on us!

    We are notorious for waiting until the morning of to make our dinner reservations and have never had a problem. But if you want a specific time, then you might want to make them the day before. We always takes what's available and have no problem.
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    Its not something to worry about. In 5 CTI visits I can only remember one time that we had to eat a little later than we would have chosen because a wedding party had blocked out several tables at an earlier seating. We could easily have eaten at a different restaurant if that had been a problem for us.

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    We have found CTI to be the easiest of all the Couples resorts to make dinner reservations. We have made them 1/2 hour before dinning!
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