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    Default Lobster in December?

    I think that I have read that it is not always lobster season in Jamaica so I was wondering if CSA had lobster in December. If I remember correctly when we were there in February they had lobster night 1x per week. Is this still the case? If so, does anyone know what night and the best restaurant to experience it at? Thanks so much!

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    Yes, CSA does have lobster in December on Friday nights last time we were there (Dec 2008). We've had the lobster at the Palms and at Feathers and preferred Feathers. We've also had the lobster at the repeater's dinner in Patois Patio, where it was also very good, but I'm not certain it would be prepared the same way on there on Friday night (can only assume it would be). Our pick would be either Feathers or Patois for lobster night.

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    CSA has lobster on the menu in December. Not sure which night but it was good at the Patois and at the Palms.

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    I thought lobster night at CSA was on Saturday...

    Anyone confirm this?
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    Lobster night at CSA is on saturday. The Beach Party is on Friday night and the Palms is closed on that night. They do usually have lobster at the Repeaters Party on Monday night at Patois.

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    UNLVMike is correct, lobster night at CSA is on Saturday. We arrived at CSA after dark one Saturday last December and got to Patois after 9pm. They only had one small lobster tail for each of us left. Wow, was that a bummer. I say, get there early and consume in mass quantities!!!!! Enjoy, Steve

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    Sorry, I mistakenly said Friday for lobster night at CSA, but it is on Saturday night! (Looked at the wrong list, as we are going to CTI this year!)

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