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    Default Digital Memories or Brian Nejedly???

    Hi Everyone!!

    I am trying to chose a photographer for our July wedding at CSS. I think I have narrowed it down to either Diana Campbell or Brian Nejedly. I love both their styles and they both also offer video services. For anyone who has used either pf these photographers... what is your opinion? I am really, really torn on which one to use. I know I need to book soon before they book up!

    So pros and cons to either please!

    Thank you!!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Hi, Im getting married at CSA in two weeks. We have booked Diana Campbell and she has been great to work
    with so far!

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    we used Diana Campbell in Oct. I am finally getting around to posting pic. here is the link so you can see more. We loved them they did a wonderful job and worked great with us.
    Diana and Richard are fabulous! We love them, they made our experience wonderful. We have the best photos imaginable and wow some we never even thought of….I am a planner and I had a list of sites and poses I wanted to get, Richard was great he took the list and made sure we got all of those and so many more. We have over 400 photos between the two days. We elected to go with the 2nd day photo shoot package and are so happy we did, we have wonderful pictures of the wedding and some great ones of us. I am attaching a link so you can see a few. Anyway we did the 2 day shoot and the video, DO THE VIDEO! We did the video so we could share it with family back home since it was just us in Jamaica, but after I saw it I could not imagine not having it for us. The video is beautiful and if you watch closely you even see me wiping away tears, and I am not a crier so this went over big time at the reception we had at home. Diana and Richard live in the Nigril area but drove down to Ocho Rios (about 3 ˝ hours) for our wedding and stayed overnight so they could get photos of me getting ready for the wedding. The evening of the wedding they gave us the photos we took the day before the wedding when they took us to Shaw Park Gardens and had arranged a private photo shoot, that was wonderful and also the photos from the wedding itself. Richard stayed up the night before so he could finish everything but the wedding photos so we would have them asap! Then they drove back to Ocho Rios the day before we left to give us the video. That was a lot of driving and a lot of work , we are so grateful. Diana and Richard are wonderful people and fabulous photographers! We recommend them to everyone. They worked with our budget, our time schedule and put up with a control freak so if they can make me happy everyone else should be easy.

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    If you can afford Brian then go with him! I am so upset that I didn't! Diana is also a very good chance but I just absolutely love everything about brian's photos!

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    I too LOVE Brian's pictures. He is so super nice to deal with and has a great artistic eye! I came to an agreement with another photographer before I really tried to work out any pricing with Brian but I did email back and forth with him a little bit and if I could have afforded him (starting price was already higher than I could wiggle my budget even if he did negotiate the pricing a bit) there would have been no questions.

    So, if you haven't made a decision yet, what I've seen from both of your choices are very nice but hands down, if you like his style, I vote for Brian - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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