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    We will be at CSA in 7 days Can't wait !!! Looking for feedback regarding Golf at Negril Hills Golf Course. Quality of the course, the rental equipment and the updated cost for the Caddie, rental clubs and cart?? Just looking for some information if anyone has golfed there recently! Thanks....

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    Played golf there on my trip last year......this was my review:

    We play A LOT of golf, are both in decent shape and went in with low expectations....that being said...

    They don't call it Negril Hills for nothing. My nose bleeds from the quick elevation changes lasted two days (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it was intense). We decided to walk 18, like we typically do at home - big mistake. In retrospect we wish we would have just planned to play 9, as this would have been more than enough. We did only bring one set (he just hit my TM Burners as me hitting his clubs would result in catastrophe) but with the hassle of traveling with them we should have just rented as with the conditions of the grass(es) it probably wouldn't have mattered one way or the other. Course lay out was very choppy with absolutely no real flow. The course itself was an amalgam of grasses so fairway/rough didn't matter, all about the same lie, just like the course- incredibly tight.

    Possibly because we never have to pay for golf, it increased our perception of what the value of the experience should be (above our low expectations) but it was probably the low light of our entire trip. We spent $80 total ($20 per caddy tip, $14 per caddy charge, $12 for water for us and the caddies) and for us wasn't even a little bit worth it.
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    My wife and I were at CN in July and I played at Negril Hills 4 days in a row along with another husband. We had played Negril Hills many times in the past since we have been visiting Negril since back when CSA was just SA and CN was just a beautiful nude beach on Bloody Bay. Over time the course has improved. It is still rough compared to many at home in the US, and the course layout gets a little silly in places, but we have always enjoyed playing. If you do go I'd like to recommend a caddy... and young man named Shern who was professional, good at his job, enjoyable to be around, and who is raising a really cute 4 year old daughter.
    As to the cost... Greens Fees are covered, but Cart Rental (I have walked that course before and ... I recommend the cart!) is about $17 per person, Caddy Fee is $14, Club Rental varies from around $18 to around $40 depending on the clubs you prefer, There were at least three different kinds of clubs to rent, some were in better shape than others. Typical tip for the caddy is usually around $1 per hole, but we tipped $20 for 18 holes and did buy cold drinks for our caddy when we had one from the cart. Most caddies in Jamaica are given one round of golf per day so as to spread out the work. The Caddie fee does not go to the caddy for the most part, so they are working basically for tips.
    It's not a cheap way to spend the day, but if you love playing golf it's a fun outing.

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    Course and club availability is no way worth the money it costs....skip it!

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    Heading to CN in 7 days, and looking forward to playing lots of golf while I am there. I am planning my first round for the afternoon of 29 Feb.

    The course is very hilly, and the name suits the course. We traditionally play nine holes and walk the course. We have walked 18 and were totally exhausted.

    The conditions at Negril Hills have improved a great deal over the past several years.

    We have found that not very many people take advantage of the free golf - all the better for those that do.

    The caddies there are great. If you are planning on playing several times while you are there and you enjoy your caddies, let your caddies, as well as Miss Mary (she runs the Pro Shop) know when you will be coming back and they will be available each time you show up. The tip is traditionally $1 per hole or $10 for 9 or $20 for 18. We have found that the more often we come, we tip a little more each time.

    If you walk, you will have a caddie per person, and if you cart, you will have one caddie per cart - so remember to tip accordingly.

    Since we play 5-6 times over the 14 days we are at CN we always bring our clubs down. Starting last year we also left our clubs at the course for the duration of our vacation - a nice change to not have to drag the clubs back and forth every day.

    As far as costs are concerned, for 9 holes we end up paying approx as much as we pay for a round of 18 holes at one of our local municipal courses here in Ottawa. It is true that it is not a perfectly groomed course, but unless you are playing at a perfectly groomed course at home its fine.

    Listen to the caddies - they know where you should hit and are also good at finding your golf balls when they go astray.

    Any more questions let me know,


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