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    Default Short video of our trip to CSA and CSS in August

    Posting a link to a video link from our trip August 3rd through 12th. Was a split stay between CSA and CSS. First trip to Couples. Had a great time. I lived vicariously through others vacation pics ( and still do ) before we went so I thought I would return the favor. Planning our 2012 trip now. A little credit is due to liquid and his CTI video. I was having trouble getting mine uploaded on Y**tube and through his vid was made aware of an alternative website. Thanks.

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    Thanks! That was great! Gave me a good idea of what it is like there, as I have never been.

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    Default transportation

    We are going to be spending a week as CSA then a week at CSS. How did you guys get from negril to Ochos? Did they provide transportation for you? How long was the trip? Which resort did you like better, out of curiosity.

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    Great slideshow Mike! Thanks for sharing. We've yet to try CSA and may just have to tear ourselves away from Ocho Rios to return to Negril and CSA.

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    Your video was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your 24th anniversary!

    All the best,

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    Loved it, loved it, loved it. 120 days till CN, 370 days till CSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by CouplesVirgin2012 View Post
    We are going to be spending a week as CSA then a week at CSS. How did you guys get from negril to Ochos? Did they provide transportation for you? How long was the trip? Which resort did you like better, out of curiosity.
    CouplesVirgin2012 : When you get there, tell them you are doing a split stay between the two resorts. They will arrange a shuttle to take you directly to the other resort. No stops along the way unless you want to. Took us just under three hours. We were the only ones on the shuttle. You can leave at the time of your choosing but will have to be out of your room by checkout time so if you want to stay and have lunch or even dinner you are welcome to. They will take care of your luggage until you are ready. As far as which one we likes better, I can't really say. We likes different things about each one. They are completely different atmospheres. You will see. CSA is more active. CSS is more laid back. Going in this order alows you to burn yourself out with loads of fun and activities and then chill out and relax before you go home. Both have wonderful staff. The guests seemd to mingle more at CSS. I had wrote a review on our trip on Sept. 1st. It is on page 10 of the messageboard right now. Look for CSA/CSS Review from a First Timer. I think people tend to fall in love with the first resort they visit. They may try the other places but tend to gravitate back to what they were first acustom to. Keep an open mind, give the second place a day or two, you will like both for different reasons.

    Thanks to everyone else who has responded or watched the slideshow so far.

    Liquid : Yes you should get out of Ocho once in awhile. Not saying it's not nice but you can't beat the Negril sunsets or the beaches.

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    Just lovely, Mike. You captured the "essence" of both of these beautiful resorts. You and your wife looked like you had an awesome anniversary.
    I'm sure you"ll be back. We are headed to csa for our 16th visit in a couple of months.

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    That was fabulous!!! 38 days until we get to feel what you were feeling. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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    Thanks Guys! great video, I appreciate the work. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Prefer Negril over Ochi but like to see what it's like. Peace, Chris

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    Thanks, Mike, for sharing your beautiful photos! You captured the special vibe of the CSA beach so well. We'll be there in 30 days and can hardly wait!

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    Great video ! Thanks for sharing.

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    Again, thanks to everyone for the nice comments. Happy to have been able to share our experience with you. Hope to meet some of you people in the future. Looks like we are plannig on being back at CSA in July 2012. Making reservations sometime this week. Maybe the 8th thru the 15th or 15th thru the 22nd. Then another split stay in 2013. My wifes' sister and her husband are planning to come along in 13'. We'll see if we can keep the "couples family" growing.

    Wishing everyone safe travels and hope you have a wonderful time on your next trip.

    Mike and Lisa

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