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    Default Couples lounge and waiting question:

    Our good friends from out of state are joining us for the celebration of my wife's 40th b-day! Barring any weather or flight delays, we arrive to Montego Bay in approximately an hour after they do.
    The question:
    Can they wait the hour in the lounge until we clear customs? The reason is this is their first time to Negril, and we would love to ride with them to CN.
    I know that the shuttle service is on a tight schedule, and this scenario may cause an issue. If so, no biggie as we get to spend the entire week with them.
    Just wondering if other Couples have done this.


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    you are forgetting the possibility of a flight delay. What happens after the hour goes by and they aren't there? and then another hour and another...well, you get my drift. This happened with some friends of ours, we contemplating waiting for them and decided against it. Thank goodness we did because their plane was delayed and they got to the resort 4 hours after us. Even though they were due to arrive twenty minutes later.

    I say, let them experience that first breath of Jamaica together, alone. For us personally, that first moment in JA, shared together was life changing for us and I can't imagine sharing that with other people honestly. They will be in good hands with Couples and like you said, you will have all week together.

    ETA: OK my Bad! I read it backwards that you were arriving first. Delays still happen, so its still valid, just play switcho changeo with it, K?
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    Shouldn't be a problem at all. Just to be safe, call the 800# and let them know your plans, so they don't overbook the later shuttle.

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    I don't think this would be an issue if your friends let the staff know that they don't want to depart for the resort until you and your wife arrive. All staff want to do is get folks on their way so they can start their vacations! I don't think they will force them to get on a shuttle.....

    Happy birthday wishes to your wife!

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    I would think that with regard to flight delays, depending on where they're coming from, you should be able to check with the airline to see if everything is on schedule. I wouldn't just trust the monitors, though: Go to a desk and speak to a clerk. Then you can make the decision about whether to wait. I wouldn't imagine Couples will have a problem. Just let them know your plans ahead of time, and if things change, well, they have to deal with flight glitches daily, so I'm sure they'll figure it out.

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