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    Default Anyone taken US Airways out of St. Louis?

    Has anyone taken the US Airways flight out of St. Louis, connecting in NC? We have always taken the direct charter flight. Not real thrilled with the idea of having a stop but Funjet stopped their 4 day vacation flight.

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    We haven't made the flight yet, but we are in a similar situation. We had previosely taken the non-stop charters out of STL but now will use the US Airways flight through NC next summer. Still gets to MBJ prior to noon Jamaica time, so not much time lost in the transfer. I suppose there is not much we can do about it. Hope all goes well for you, and us. When is your trip? We are headed to CSA on June 15.

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    We are going to CN on February 8, 2010. Luckily there is only about 1 1/2 hours between flights. I still like the non-stop ones though.

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    We flew US airways from STL through NC last Dec. when we went to CSS. This year, we're driving down to Memphis to get a direct flight. Even if everything had gone perfectly, our travel time would have been more than double from the previous year when we flew direct on Champion Air. Things definitely did not go perfectly, we had weather delays, mechanical failures & general incompetency on the part of US Airways in both directions. It's a four hour drive to Memphis, but we feel it's worth it to be able to get the direct flight & arrive at couples several hours earlier.

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    We have flown out of Kansas City on US Air through Charlotte to Montego Bay several times & think it's great. There are no nonstop flights or charters out of KC - Bummer - so we have to change planes somewhere. Their airport is very handy & we've never had any problems.

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    Default Us air out of st louis

    We are flying USair out of St louis, through Charlotte on Sept 26 I will let you know how it goes. Hoping there is no hurricane and we get to CN as fast as possible. Have a great time on your trip and I will let you know how the flight is.

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    i still don't understand why the charters have stopped flying into MBJ. Pretty much every flight we took was sold out.

    We are interested to see the flight experience everyone has.

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    Daire: I did a search for Champion Air and the only one I find is out of business. Can you post the web site for their flights? We live about 3 hours from Memphis and might consider that option. Although, I hope to use frequent flyer miles with UsAir out of Nashville for our flights.

    I have flown UsAir a lot and while they sometimes have problems, overall I have been very pleased with them.

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    Default Charters out of St. Louis...

    Hey everybody! I heard the same thing about charters no longer flying out of St. Louis so I asked my travel agent and here is a quote from her...

    "The charter situation for next year is kinda murky. Worry-Free is NOT going to participate in charters from St. Louis next year. Apple (whose parent company owns USA3000) has their charter programs loaded for next year. They will be offering 3, 7, 10 and 14 night stays. The charter times are:
    Leave St. Louis 3:10pm, arriving 6:40pm; Leave Montego Bay 7:40pm, arriving 11:20pm.
    Funjet says they will have a charter program (using USA3000) but they are not loading their rates in until they have all their contracts signed - so the times won't be different."

    She has never led me wrong in the past and I do trust her. I'm getting the bug to go soon so we'll see...

    Later..........Joe D.

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    Champion Air, Ryan Air and USA 3000 have evidentially been lost due to fuel costs and the economy. i did see some air tran flights out of STL for next year but do not see them after looking tonight.

    Sue and I decided last year to go to Memphis and fly non stop out of there and it was great. only issue we found was no good park and fly option. we used an off site parking place and they were excellent both ways.

    Dang, i really miss TWA and a hub in STL.

    AA isn't STL friendly


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    Champion Air was a charter airline that flew direct to MBJ from St Louis. Sadly, it went out of business.

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    Daire: I guess I miss understood your statment: This year, we're driving down to Memphis to get a direct flight.. How are you getting a direct flight?

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    Northwest has direct flights to MBJ from Memphis leaving on Saturdays in the morning, I think about 9:30am. The last time I checked, Ryan Air still had direct flights to MBJ from St Louis, but they typically leave on weekdays & the flight times are mid-late afternoon. That just doesn't work well for us.

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    Over the last few years, US Air has gotten increasingly worse with late departures which causes an all out sprint through Charlotte to catch the connecting flight. This past Tuesday evening, we had 3 gate changes and left Philly 2 hours late. We fly out of Indy now to avoid the 3+ hour drive to Chicago but having second thoughts about that after this latest experience.

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    [QUOTE=Joe D.;13774The charter times are:
    Leave St. Louis 3:10pm, arriving 6:40pm; Leave Montego Bay 7:40pm, arriving 11:20pm.
    Funjet says they will have a charter program (using USA3000) but they are not loading their rates in until they have all their contracts signed - so the times won't be different."[/I]

    I had looked into these arrangements but was put off by the late arrival time in MBJ. I did not want our first day at CSA to begin by going to bed for the night. While US Air has had their problems with delays, etc. I think it is worth the chance to get to CSA early afternoon on our first day. We do leave a bit earlier on the last day, but only by an hour or two. We will still have time to enjoy a nice breakfast and maybe an early lunch before boarding the bus to MBJ. So for us anyway, the US Air is a good fit for our travel plans.

    Getting there is NOT half the fun. Good luck to all with your travel plans.

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    well driving to Memphis is no problem. we just start the vacation one night early and have some fun in Memphis and then we take the official Tommywommy flight to Jamaica. we also spend our return night in Memphis.

    the flight departure and arrival times work for us and we just dont want the hassle of flight connections.

    Joe D, that 3:10PM departure time out of STL was just unacceptable for us.


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    We also thought we would not like the later arrival time getting there on the first day and didn't really, but... on the last day we did not have to leave the property until 4:00pm which gave us the whole day at the beach. The way the charter flights were in the past you got to Negril around 2:30pm on the first day, which gave you most of that afternoon, but on the last day we had to leave the property at 8:30am. We really liked the late leaving time on the last day better but still might try driving to Memphis next time we go to see how we like that.

    Later................Joe D.

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    We flew US Airways to NC 2 years in a row. It was not bad at all as long as you have at least an hour between flights. Last year we flew STL to MEM and was SUPPOSED to fly from MEM to MBJ. But while still in STL there was a problem with the plane (they found a scratch on the wing) and they had us de-board after sitting on the plane for an hour and go back to the ticket lines to find a new flight. This delayed our ETA in MBJ from 2:30 pm to 11:00PM. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to fly on a plane that has anything wrong with it, but it sure put a damper on our first day of vacation.

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    Default STL Air options

    USA3000 still flys out of STL. We will be flying out 1/25/10 w/return flight on 2/1/10. I really wanted to go, but the Apple & Funjet charters were a little high. I did some web investigation myself and found that I could book the charter air flight directly thru online for $500/couple less than going thru the above agents. I then went to and booked CN..saved again. All in all, A & F wanted $4100 to $4300, I did a little work myself and booked complete Air, hotel & insurance all for $3500. I recv'd all of my travel documents already & ready to go....just can't wait to go!!!!

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