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    I appreciated your honesty in your review & I appreciate the fact that Randymon or whoever Couples has monitoring this MB allowed your review to be posted .... The Good - The Great - & The Not So Great ... It all needs to be out there. I totally agree with everything you said. We went to CSA before we went to CN (after trying some other AI's in Jamaica) & loved it but the larger groups totally turned us off as well as the staff at the front desk .... We nearly missed out flight thanks to them & their rudeness .... I'm amazed that this is still the situation there & has not been addressed ..... It was so bad & A LONG story that I won't get into but enough that the next year we went to CN & totally fell in love with it. In a few of the trips we've made to CN, we have had some issues with larger groups that we were not happy with having to deal with but the front dest staff has always been GREAT. Thanks for posting your review.

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    ORV haha

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    Well, I'm another one that's grateful for the honest review. It's good to have this information to keep in the back of your mind in case your first hour on the resort is not quite what you expected. Doesn't mean the whole trip is going to be terrible.

    I like to join in on the party from time to time, but the purpose for going to a COUPLES resort is to romantically reconnect with your partner, and I'm going to be gravely disappointed if the antics of other guests rain on our parade, so to speak. I'm looking for many quiet moments with my husband of 10 years, and with the money we've spent on this vacation, I sure hope nothing gets in our way!

    Thanks again for putting this out there.

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    P.s. I have to add, I do feel bad for those getting married and having large groups that do NOT fall into the obnoxious category. I mean, it 's kind of like bringing your baby on a plane. Your baby could be the cutest, quietest baby in the world, but everyone's going to be looking over during take off going, "Oooooooh great, that kid is going to cry the whole flight!"

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    Thanks so much for spending the time to give great detail of your trip. I agree with almost allof your poimts. A couple years ago we switched our room from the newer beachfront to the older beachfront because to the wedding groups. When we went back earlier this year nothing had changed in that regard. We are going back again next year for the 5-6 time.

    We have used the pre-checkin a few times and had the same result you did. I was surprised this last visit that the in room bar was not stocked- that was something new. I'm thinking if they could get the pre-checkin to work- maybe the reapeaters could pre-order their bar stock so it would be set up on arrival.

    I am surprised Patois is now reservation only. We love that restaurant and it was routine we would eat there on our first night. Still I am really looking forward to CSA- there are more postives and great than negatives.

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    I also appreciated this review...when I posted mine a year ago I also stated the things I saw that were not "perfect" and was pleasantly surprised that it was fairly well received.

    To chime in on the issue of the larger groups I'd just like to say that I've made 14 trips to a resort in Montego Bay that allows families, singles, etc. My entire reason for choosing Couples and also paying the considerably higher price was to get away from the atmosphere that goes along with the other resort. I wanted the quiet, romantic atmosphere.

    To specifically address R&R 11/11/11...what is considered "appropriate" will likely differ depending on who responds. However, keep in mind that most who book a Couples resort are doing so because they are there with their significant other and they are looking for peace and quiet to reconnect. A "party" atmosphere doesn't have to go to the extent of spring break to be considered on the verandah into the long hours of the evening with a group will certainly disturb the atmosphere. I think once you see CSA you will understand. Your trip is booked so don't get yourself worked up, and it sounds like most of your guests are couples anyway. Plan to be respectful of the nature of the resort, look around you and understand where you are and don't turn it into a family reunion hall. The name implies the purpose. Visit the website, it clearly states the resorts mission...romance. If you go with this in mind everyone will enjoy themselves...your wedding guests and the guests at the resort while you are there.

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    Hi R&R 11/11/11,
    At CSA by the beach there is a round table an 4 chairs that are perfect for playing cards during the day. I think you will find the rooms or veranda's are not set up for more than 2 people to play cards. There are other places like the tables by the Martini Bar, the patio by main pool or over at the sports complex that are better suited for playing cards. I'm sure there are other spots too that your parents and their friends will find when they get there.

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    I should also mention that besides dinner the night before the wedding and the day of the wedding, I can't imagine all 20 of us will be ALL in the same place at the same time anyways.

    It was just something I never thought I would have to worry about... I just want to have a fun and romantic vacation as well!

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    Having been to CSA many times we have never encountered a loud and boisterous wedding group. We usually go any time from Feb 9- mar 9. Have seen many weddings some being just the couple to some being 20-30 guests.In fact probably the most annoying guests we have ever encountered were by no means a wedding group but individuals who thought they were above every guest and staff member there. To those who have booked a wedding enjoy your day but if you have a large wedding group do remember and respect that many couples are there for the romance and to reconnect.

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    Very well written review! Thank you!

    I, honestly, did not read the rest of the comments, so forgive me if this has been said already. It seems that your biggest complaint stemmed from other guests (the group), not the resort or the staff. It's a fact of life that some people just lack manners and courteousness. Personally, if I had seen a drunken group member yelling at a poor woman who was waiting for her husband and friends, I would have quietly, and firmly intervened....that's just my personality though. :-)

    Often, when I read stories like that, I wonder if anyone actually complained to management. I live on the East coast (US) which is a very hectic, go go go lifestyle, where rudeness and selfishness is unfortunatly the norm. THAT is precisely what I do not want to experience while on vacation, so I would have been the first person in line to complain.

    I do not feel as though your review was overly negative, just extremely honest, and much appreciated. It was a fair assessment of your experience, which, despite the negative, I actually felt was positive overall.

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    We had an instance at CSA a few years ago where a new upstairs neighbor turned on their boom box and serenaded us on our verandah downstairs....I called security and within minutes there was a guard who approached the person and voila, no more loud music.... The best thing to do is to just call the front desk - they were very responsive and pleasant.

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    Default Which room did you switch too?

    Thank you posting this. I have a question for you about the Atrium Suite. Do you remember the room number you switched too? Did you still have the same vibe of being in the lush tropics?

    We just booked CSA (where we had our honeymoon) for our 5 year anniversary for April. We decided to go with the Atrium Suites this time, as opposed to the Beachfront Verandah we had on our honeymoon. I'm worried about the road noise as well, and am also not sure which floor we should request. But hearing from you that you ended up with views of the garden and the beach, we'd love to request that room.


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    Please see the response I gave you on the other post....I think it covers it all! =)
    Team Leegion

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