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    Default Does CSA setup/provide group trasportation for nightclub outings.?

    First time to Jamaica, and my gf and myself are a young couple (mid-late 20's)..
    Will be staying at CSA for 5 days in December, and I'm sure we will want to hit a few nightclubs in Negril to drink and dance the night away..

    - 2 questions

    1) I was wondering if CSA setup/provides group transportation for nightclub outings..?
    (I'm sure my gf and I, won't be the only ones that want to have a few drinks and listen to some music :-)

    2) If CSA does not setup/provides group transportation for nightclub outings, what are some good nightclubs.???
    I've read Alfreds, The Jungle, Roots Bamboo are good..???

    Thanks... Rome

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    There is a trip to a sunset bar that is included, but this is strictly for sunset viewing.

    If you want to go clubbing, then you will need to grab a cab. I'm sure you will find others who want to join you. Be sure and negotiate the price before you get into the cab. The resort will call a cab for you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSA had an arranged trip to the Jungle Club 1 night a week. Does anyone know if that's still going? RomelloSobe you might want to try out the Jungle Club by going on the CSA arranged trip but I think it's "American" night. If you really want to get a taste of a Jamaican dance club you should go back on their reggae night. If do go on your own make sure you take a cab both ways and don't carry a lot of cash. I wouldn't wear any jewellery too - may just a plain, inexpensive watch.
    Ask around when you get to CSA. You might be able to find another couple who would be interested in going too. More fun with a group.

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    I seem to remember there being group transportation to clubs on certain nights. Ask the concierge at check-in. If not, it is a cheap cab ride to most clubs. The Jungle is good on Ladies night (Thursdays)
    and lost of guests from the resorts are there that night. They have two levels with different kinds of music. Alfred's can be really fun as well and they have live bands. Check their web site for the best night to go there, which will vary depending on entertainment line up. Margaritaville does a fun beach party (I think on Wednesday, but you need to check) it starts in the afternoon and is a later afternoon/early evening event. You could actually walk to Margaritaville along the beach and cab home. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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    you can walk to Margaratavilles or Cosmos

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    P.S. Don't miss the aura lounge on resort. Ultimate Chocolate is a highlight of the resort-don't miss his sing along nights at the piano bar before the disco starts. Also, last year they had a different DJ at the club each night (with the exception of I think one night: karaoke night). Almost every night is a club/dance night with different styles of music. Night life had really picked up on resort from our prior visits (which we think is great!) Our favorite night was Monday, the DJ played top dance songs (mix of current electronica and other dance music (current dance hall and pop) with a few great old school songs mixed in). Actually, the best club night we have ever had together and we love to go out dancing. The club was seriously going on. Unfortunately, we learned that that DJ only does Mondays after we left the club, so we can't see him again until we return this December. I hope he is still there!!! Check with entertainment staff or the sign down by the swim-up pool for the Aura Lounge line-up for the week you will be there.

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    Don't forget, Aura, the music is pretty good and you might not want to leave the property, try singing at the bar with ultimate chocolate, and then end the night dancing right there at Aura.

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