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    Default Another romance reward question

    My wife and I are thinking of trading places for a day with CSA during this our stay this Dec at CN. Do I need to request this ahead of time, or can I just let the desk know after we arrive?

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    We are doing the same in Nov. You just let them know what day you want to go when you arrive.

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    From what I recall, you just let them know you check in

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    Hi mtnclimber,
    You will need to request your Trading Places when you arrive. They like you to sign up at least 24 hours before the day you are going to do Trading Places.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    You need to go to the concierge or the front desk to find out which days its done, and then to arrange to join in the visit. Its not something you can do "on demand", unless you're willing to pay the day pass fee.

    You also, of course, need to be a member of the Romance Rewards program to participate in the Trading Places visits.

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    You can sign up when you arrive. Trading places is offered during designated days/times each week and a limited number of guests can sign up for each visit.
    We took advantage of trading places while staying at CN in 2009. Because of this, we're going to CSA in 35 days! Hope you have a great trip.

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    I believe it's on m-w-f. I think it's limited to 10 couples so sign up early. 10am to 4pm. We ended up wanting to leave early but couldn't because we forgot to bring cash.

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    It is offered monday, wednesday, and fridaysand the bus leaves at 9; 45, i believe. they will require at least 24 hrs. notice, and it is easiest if you sign up for romance rewards at home online. :-)

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    You go to the Guest Relations Desk in the lobby at least a day before you want to go. They go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only and they limit each trip to 10 couples. The van leaves at 10 AM and leaves the visited resort at 4 PM (on the dot). When we did it, the van left right at 4 PM (on the driver's watch, which was 2 minutes ahead my watch) knowing he was leaving a couple behind. That couple was then responsible for their own transportati0on back, and if they stayed too long they would have had to pay for a day pass. So be back in the lobby ready to return well before 4 PM!
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    We just did the trading places with CSA from CN. We had a great day walking down to Margaritaville. Loved the day. We still love CN the best but we will do the trading spaces again next time too. It is the perfect excursion. You get to go to somewhere different but it's still Couples!

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    We highly recommend the trading places over to CSA. We had a blast walking the beach and loved lunch at Patios. We enjoyed playing in the ocean and grabbed a drink at the swim-up bar. Before we knew it it was time to go back home. Be sure and catch the 10am tour to see the whole facility. We also asked to see a couple of rooms. It is a great way to spend the day.
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