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    Default Flying on Timair

    A question for anyone who has used Timair. When you arrive at Montigo Bay, do you check in with Couples first at the lounge or do you go directly to Timair? Also where do we find the Timair rep.?

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    You check in with Couples first. You will see the TimAir rep more than likely when you walk out of immigration. We always pre-book online so the rep is there waiting for us. Love to see Clovis' beautiful, smiling face

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    Since we didn't have a reservation, we found the TimAir guy who was standing out in the central area and made arrangements with him before we went over to the lounge. It was our hope this would speed up the process of getting in the air! After we spoke with the TimAir guys, we went to the lounge and in about 5 minutes they came to get us and took us and our bags over to the TimAir counter and after a short delay - off we went. We will be repeating this process in 10 days 18 hours on our return trip to CSA.

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    Check in at the Couples lounge and let them know that you're flying on Tim Air. They will contact Tim Air, and a representative will come and get you and escort you to Tim Air's counter. There is a desk steps outside of the Couples lounge, but it's usually not manned.

    In the past, a van would take you to the Tim Air terminal, but the terminal has been moved, so you can walk there now. We always check in at the Couples lounge so that the staff can alert the resort at which we're staying of our arrival and then we walk over to the Tim Air terminal.
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    You can do either, but we usually split; one of us goes to check in at Couples and the other goes to TimAir.

    Their desk is on the right when looking straight ahead at the Couples Lounge; you pass them to get to the Couples Lounge.

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    Yes, you go directly to the Couples Lounge FIRST. Upon arrival, advise tem you are getting to your Couples resort via Tim Air. A Couples Rep will walk you over to Tim Air. It is VERY easy. We have done it 3 times. Irie Mon!

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    Default Timair check in

    Here is the information that Tim Air gives you upon arriving at MBJ.

    Last year, we sent a separate email with our motel confirmation number on it to couples. We let them know that we would check in at the couples lounge but, we would be traveling to the resort with Tim Air instead of the shuttle. When we came down the hall to take a left to head to the couples lounge, we actually had one of the people from Tim Air holding up a sign as he was waiting for us. We were running about 10 minutes later than we had planned. My husband went with him to check on the paper work ( a few steps away from the lounge) and I went and checked in at the couples lounge. They did have us listed as taking Tim Air to the resort. A quick stop at the lounges bathroom and the guy took us to the Tim Air counter. We were really spoiled from the moment we hooked up with Tim Air. They even insisted pulling our luggage, as we were now on vacation. Every one we met in Tim Air was wonderful. I even had a quick talk with the owner, Mr. McConnell ( Nice guy) and it was a pleasant experince in dealing with Tim Air.

    We are looking forward to using Tim Air on our future trips. It's great to deal with a company that specializes in customer service and to have a quick trip to the resort. Have a wonderful time.

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    We flew TimAir in '09, we checked in at the Couples lounge and told them we were flying TimAir, we hardly had time to finish our Redstripe and we were taken to the TimAir desk and on the plane. The TimAir desk was right outside the Couples lounge then. We are using them again this Dec. Curtis is so much fun when flying.

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    Hi LIC, definitely check in with Couples first. That way they know you're there and notify the resort. Then someone (maybe it was a TimAir guy, it's hard to remember) took us over to the TimAir counter...which is on the other side of the airport. got to get a Red Stripe (or two) for the walk over!!!

    TimAir is the only way to go. I doubt we'll ever take the bus again.

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    We will be flying Timair Oct 18 . I believe you check in at the couples lounge let them know your here and then go directly to Timair

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