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    Default Book now for April 2012 or wait until new year???

    Hi all, we are going to CTI or CSS in April 2012 and just wondering if people have any thoughts on when I would get the best deals? I usually book online using Expedia because we like to make our own package and do 10 days/9 nights which is great. We have gone to CSA for the last 2 years so going to try a new Couples resort this time around. Last couple of years have booked around October or November and haven't gotten a bad deal but if we can save even more that is always great!

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated...thanks much

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    HI Rose!
    I hate to say it but likely the best deal has already come and gone. The rates have gone up, the prior promotional resort credit enhancement has ended. I admit I've never seen expedia give the best prices on CTI. I think the rule about not mentioning tour operators is still in effect on the board, if not, someone else will likely jump in with the info. Have you checked here on the site for what it would cost to book directly and how it compares?

    We'll be at CTI in April along with some really incredible people we've met on our repeat trips, If you decide on CTI, We will all greatly look forward to meeting you.

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    Thanks Mona and I am so very sorry about mentioning tour operator...I had no idea about the rule, new to posting on the boards but thanks for letting me know.

    I did check this site and it always seems higher to me...I have gotten 9 nights at CSA for under $4300 for 2 people (and I do apologize if mentioning price is also a no no!!!!) and right now doing my searches I have found CTI for around the same price or a little lower going the week of April 16th.

    Thanks for your help....I will keep trying but probably best to book soon before April fills up since it does seem to be a popular month! Look forward to meeting you and others at CTI...can't wait!

    Thanks again

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    My suggestions is to keep your eye on those Couplicious Wednesday Escape deals... we just booked a Premier Ocean View CTI for January 2012 for a room for practically what it would cost in the off-season! This is the only reason we could afford to go to Jamaica in January. It's the second time we've booked using a Wednesday Escape deal. I would bet that there will be a deal coming up soon for travel in April, especially for CSS and CTI. Otherwise, there's always the Secret Rendezvous - there's probably a really good chance you'll get CSS or CTI (I don't think many people end up with CN or CSA). Good luck!

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    We decided we were going to CSA a month ago, and I've watched the price go up 3 times since then. Finally booked and locked it in today :-) I wouldn't wait. Instead of Expedia (which is also where I book through alot), we booked through Funjet and purchased the Complete Coverage travel insurance which includes a price match guarantee. That way, if it does go down, you can get refunded the difference. But it most likely won't go down, only up. Just book it and sit back and enjoy your countdown!!

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    This will be our first trip to Couples in January, going to CN. Historically, we have always booked as far in advance as possible and felt it has always paid dividends. Our trip in January '12 was booked in March of '11. I periodically check the rates to confirm that we made the right move booking so early. If we booked the same trip now we would be paying 20% more. Also, the way I understand it, Couples has a low price guarantee up to 45 days before your arrival, so what do you have to lose. We worked through Castaways Travel and they have been nothing but superb to do business with. Another thing we do through Castaways is buy the "no conditions" insurance. Again, you have to exercise the option before the 45 day mark but for $300 it can give you the advantage of booking early but if you have events that prohibit you from going on your vacation, you are only out $300. Dave

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    Book now, Randymon said prices are going up the end of month. If they go up here they will will go up with other tour operators as well. Couples has the best deal program so if you find a better prices later just call and they will take care of you.

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    In March of 2011 I booked for CN in February of 2012 and then in June I booked again for CSA in October of 2012. I really don't pay attention to what the rates do after I book though. I just don't like to wait until the last minute, and I believe they have a find it cheaper policy you can get the cheaper price.

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    Not sure about any sales going on now but, in case you don't already know, the rates really go down after around the 15th of April. This is true throughout Jamaica since the "winter" is over and they switch to the s"summer" rates. We always go then since it's as much as 1K less.

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    I would suggest booking your reservation by October 31 as rates are likely to increase effective November 1.

    Consider the Love Away plan which only requires a $100 deposit.

    I'm just sayin...

    Couples Resorts

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    Has anyone ever booked their vacation and then seen a Wednesday deal that is better than what they booked for?? If so: how easy has it been to call and change and get the better deal? Do you get your money back, or get credits? I'm near crunch time to book this honeymoon for March 27-April 4 2012!

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    Good thing we are alread booked for 2012!

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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