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    Default CN - hooking up to the TV ??

    We are wondering if there is a way to connect a laptop or perhaps an IPad to the TV in our room at CN to watch things (videos we took during our stay, movies we might enjoy during a rain storm, etc...).
    Does anyone know what the options might be for playing other devices through the TV?

    Also... what premium TV Channels are available at CN?

    Thanks for any helpful info about these things-

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    Yes! We hooked our Ipad up this past May. Can't remember if we used an HDMI cable or an apple connector Bring both! All major sports/news channels, TBS.... No HBO etc

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    Default Do the TV's have HDMI Input?

    Can anyone confirm this......Thanks

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    I can now confirm it as far as Room 1205 goes....
    The TV we had in that room recently had Component hookups, not HDMI, but that didn't really matter because I couldn't get to them anyway. The TV is flat and mounted tight to the wall with no room to access any of the cables or even really see the connections very well without actually trying to take the thing down off the wall. I took and cable but was never able to use it for this reason.

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    Default No HDMI input.....

    Thanks rhallva for your reply.

    I thought I heard that people were hooking their video cameras to play back on TV.

    I have had limited success with this in most hotels.

    Any other comments...Suggestions?


    First time visitor to CN 11-11-11.
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    There are some here who say they have done it via HDMI cable, but all I can figure it they had different TV's or took them down off the wall to get at the hookups. Lots of TV's do have secondary/Aux connections for that kind of thing, but the one in Room 1205 did not.
    Best of luck!

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    I'm looking for the same information regarding CSA. Has anyone had success connecting a laptop to the TV in the room? If so, what type of connection did you use? Thanks in advance for any help! -- Rick

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    Yes, we have done at both CN & CSA. The TVs are tight against the wall (CN), but we did it. Hubby was determined
    I asked him what he used as far as cables are concerned, he can not recall. I do know he brings both HDMI & Apple connectors when we travel.

    Less than 80 days till CSA!!!!!!!!!!

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    just got back from CN, stayed in room 1304, had no problems hooking up my laptop using a hdmi cable. worked out week, wife was a sleep the first night we got in(Sat), and was able to stream the ufc fight and watch it in my room. kind of a pain getting the cable hooked in. the wall mount for the tv almost blocks the port, so have to play around a bit to get it, but does work.

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