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    We just got married last month at CSS. I would highly recommend it to anyone over a traditional wedding! We went to CSS for a week just the two of us. We had such a fun and relaxing time! We got married 4 days into our trip. Everything with our wedding went so smoothly and we had people to answer our questions every step of the way, even before arriving in Jamaica. Every single person back home has said our pictures are better than any professional photographer here could ever take! They are beautiful and were worth every penny! I love CSS and all the staff there for making our wedding so special and unforgettable!

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    Congratulations, glad you were happy with CSS we were married there in July and I loved it. We are already talking about going back sometime in the future.

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    Congratulations! We got married at CSS in June, and I agree it is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to have a destination wedding. Everyone is so helpful and even though they may have two or three other weddings the same day, they make you feel really special. We used the resort photographer and the pictures turned out great. When we first got back, I couldn't stop looking at them and couldn't wait to share them with everyone.

    CSS is a fabulous place! We have already booked for our anniversary trip and are counting the days!
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
    CSS - June 19-23, 2012

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    Forgot to add...please post pictures if you can! I would love to see them!!!

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    Congrats! We are getting married at CSS in May and I'm happy to hear you had a great experience! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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    I'm getting married there July 2012 I was debating between CSS and CTI because the rooms don't look as nice at CSS.... Are they nice? Also my big question is if I should use the resort photographer or not.... Do you guys have any pics you can submit so I can see there work ... Congrats on the marriage!

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    Just back from CSA after getting married there on Nov 10th. Was the most special day ever and made all the more memorable by all who watched, cheered and congratulated the two of us on our big day. We had the private dinner on the beach on our wedding night and it was perfect. Many happy memories!!!

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    Ritach15, the room we got was the most basic (we were on a budget!) but it was very nice. Blue and white tones, very large shower in the bathroom built for two, king size bed, and balcony overlooking palm trees and small view of the ocean. I tried submitting a picture but it didn't work on here. The pics were very nice though!! I would definitely go with the resort photographer. The smallest package was plenty and very affordable compared to an outside photographer. My friend who got married there also used the resort photographer and her pics were beautiful as well.

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