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    Default March 2012 CTI Wedding

    Hi everyone! My fiance & I are getting married at CTI in March on the 22nd. We just got the basic package, but I have some questions hopefully someone can answer!...

    What are the options as to WHERE you can get married on the resort that is included in the basic, "One Love" package? The garden, by the pool, or on the beach? (As I would love to get married on the island, but $5000 is a bit much!!) I had a freak out moment today thinking directly on the beach isn't an option without paying $500 extra??

    How do you book a hair/makeup appointment? What your opinions about their salon & their abilities? I have long (mid back) hair and I am very fair skinned. My worst fear is they won't have makeup that matches my skin tone, as I have a hard time finding the correct shade! Is anyone else very fair that used their make-up application service? I am planning to try to tan (haha, as if that is possible) months before I go so I am not as fair, but I don't really tan so I'm not holding too much hope in getting much darker (fyi-I do not want a spray tan because it comes off in pools/the ocean, so it is just a waste of money).

    Is there someone on the resort that can press my dress? Or do I need to figure out how to iron a wedding dress? As I'm sure it will be wrinkled from a 4hr flight & 1 1/2hr bus ride.

    Did anyone use their "traditional" music during their ceremony? If so, can you give me some feedback on that?

    Our parents are coming for our wedding, otherwise we will have no other quests. Did anyone have any concerns with bystanders??

    The only thing I am not freaking out about is photography, we are flying in the photographers who did our engagement pictures, and they are staying at the resort for 4 days in order to take our wedding & honeymoon pictures (I wasn't happy with the quality of the resort/non-resort photographers with the pictures I've seen..sorry if I offended anyone! I am very picky when it comes to pictures).

    Thanks for your help! Any recent (June 2011-present) pictures of your wedding would be appreciated, and hopefully will calm my nerves!

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    Your getting married on my birthday!! We are also from MO.

    You can give your dress to the wedding coordinator to have steamed...I think its around $65 last I asked.

    Out of all the pics I have seen...the hair salon is amazing. As far as make-up, I am also fair skinned, I like to say I am SEE THROUGH! LOL. Anyways, I am doing my own make-up, because I am a control freak.....but if I were to have it done....I would at least bring my own foundation.

    Congrats Again and Good Luck.

    I am with you on the photographer though, I am hiring my own.

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