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    Default May/June How Rainy Really

    Went to CSA last July and had a wonderful time. Want to bring Sis and her hubby back next year. April, May
    and June are better for them. But I've read that May/June are the rainiest months. Can anyone confirm this?

    Last time we traveled with them we went to Negril and Hurricane Wilma visited and wiped out the S resort!!!
    Don't want them to jinx us again!!!

    Thanks for the input.

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    As has often been said here, rain happens often in the tropics. So does sunshine! Voila'! Tropical Paradise!

    Having said that, March-April-May tend toward dryness. This is when the cane field managers burn their fields (due to the dry season). Over the last several years, this has also meant that the inland bogs of the Great Morass (just east of the Negril Area) have caught fire, much of it just under its surface, making for some unpleasant and smoky conditions on calmer days.

    Of course, with the beginning of the Atlantic storm season on June 1, rainier periods should not be a surprise, although historically, storm patterns in the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico have trended toward the latter part of the season (August - November).

    Hope that helps...

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