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    Default Can you sign up early for catarmaran?

    We are only going to be at CN for a short time. Arriving on a Monday and leaving on a Friday AM. The catamaran runs Mondays & Thursdays. Can we email someone to sign us up for the Thursday trip before we come? It's also my hubby's birthday that day and he would love it.

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    You sign up for the Catamaran cruise in person the morning of that day at the activity hut. You can't email an make reservations in advance.

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    Nope, just sign up first thing when you arrive.

    We have never had any problem getting a reservation.
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    No, you cannot sign up until you have actually arrived at the resort. Once you have checked in, go ahead and go to sign up. If you want to go Thursday, you probably won't have any problems reserving a spot on Monday. If you would like to go Monday and there is no availability, just plan to show up at the boat in time for departure anyway. Many times people who have reserved don't show up, so you can hop on in their place.

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    you have to sign up the day before at the scuba hut. Get there at 9 AM and you will be OK.

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    I would take a shot at the Monday cruise first thing on arrival. Tell them as soon as you get off the bus that you want to sign up for the Cat cruise for that day. Can't hurt to try. Then I think if you sign up Thursday morning for that day's cruise you should have no problem gettin on board. I don't think I have ever heard of anyone signing up for the cruise prior to arrival.

    Good luck, enjoy your trip!

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    If you are arriving before the cat cruise goes out on Monday, go to the water sports hut and they will let you on. I suggest doing this on Monday if it is not raining. Many times the cruise is cancelled due to rain. If that happens on thursday, you will have wished you had gone on Monday. It seems like at least one cat cruise gets rained out each week.

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