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    Default Question for Randymon: CSA New Year's Eve Theme for 2012

    Hello Randymon-

    I am wondering if you can tell us this year's NYE party theme? Counting down the days :-)

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    We are also coming for New Year's. It will be our 16th visit to csa, but the first time for NYE. So, yes, if here is a special theme, knowing what it is will just make our waiting time more exciting. Pretty please, Randymon????

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    CSA's New Year's Eve theme will be "CSA Maiden Voyage". Bringing back the heyday of early transatlantic cruising. If you have your Cunard Line, White Star Line, etc period costumes...

    Otherwise elegant cruise wear will do...

    Couples Resorts

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    Thankyou Randymon, as usual, you are very accommodating. Haven't done any cruising on the "cunard or white star" lines, but we are sure we can come up with something appropriate to "sail" into the new year with.
    Cheers until then.

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    Couples Negril Theme will be Natural Mystic - the colors of Jamaica.

    Couples Sans Souci Friday gala will be moved to Saturday with a theme of “UNE ELEGANTE SOIREE” an evening of elegance.

    Couples Tower Isle theme will be...Just a fun PARTAA
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    Couples Resorts

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    whats elegant criose wear cocktail dresses and suites??? my husband says its too hot for a suit?? what are the men wearing??? and are all the women wearing cocktail dressses??

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Couples Negril Theme will be Natural Mystic - the colors of Jamaica.
    yeah! That why we come to Jamaica. 1 more reason to know CN is the best choice heheh

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    It will be comfortable in the mid 70's at night (so not too hot). Linen is a good choice that is dressy and cool.

    People tend to dress in everything from formal attire to resort casual (i.e. Tommy Bahama), some will go with the theme and some will not. Some men will wear jackets, but many will not. If he has a jacket that he can take off with a nice shirt (or shirt and vest) underneath, he could do a jacket for formal pictures and the cocktail party and then take it off for dancing. The goal is to look good but be comfortable enough to dance your way into the new year. :-)

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    Default attire for new years

    My husband thinks mid 70s is shorts weather and too hot for jacket so thanks since it will be a mixture i am sure he can get away with pants and collared shirt...

    but for me mid 70s is long sleave clothes maybe i should bring a sweater for night hehe... or the jacket for me hehe

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