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    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I will be heading to CN in DEcember and we were wondering if there are any inputs on the place. This will be our first and hopefully not our last. Any inputs will be appreciate it.

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    You're gonna LOVE it .... CN is our idea of paradise & we've traveled to a LOT of other beach locations & even a couple of other resorts in Jamaica. We're heading back to CN for trip #5 in December ... Have also been to CSA & CSS but CN is by far our favorite .... GORGEOUS white beach with the calmest clearest water .... BEAUTIFUL pool area .... Very well laid out resort where everything is very handy so no long treks to anyplace on the resort .... Very good food, excellent staff, nothing buy relaxation every single day .... You can do an much or as little as you please with no worries. Just an FYI - If you're expecting glitz & glamour then you will be disappointed because CN is not that but it's WAY more .... Best atmosphere for a relaxing & fun vacation we've ever found. Can't say enough good things about it.

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    We couldn't have said it better Maxernie

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    We went to CN for the first time in 2010. We checked and checked and checked all the reviews and message boards before we decided. We were a lil apprehensive at first, although excited, but once we were there all our worries were put aside. CN was the perfect place for us. It was laid back, yet social. Do what you want on your own, or meet new friends to enjoy the experience. The rooms are not fantastic extravagant, but clean and comfortable. The food is good, activities are plentiful, beach and water are amazing, and service is great. Its all good! We will be back in summer 2012.

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    CN is the best. Small, very chill and relaxing. Great food and drink. We will be at CN for trip #8, 11/15.

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    We are heading to CN for trip #4 this Christmas. Last year we renewed our wedding vows for our
    20th anniversary. Obviously we love everything about CN, but the thing we love most is the laid back, romantic vibe of the resort made possible by the excellent staff. I believe you will fall in love with this resort as so many of us have

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    CN has been great,
    Every Year since 2008
    Going back to CN in 2011
    It has become my slice of Heaven!!

    I know corny poetry and don't give up the day job.

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    We've been to CN twice and currently planning a 3rd trip for spring of 2013. We got married there this June and took another 30 friends or so with us. They loved and and that is why we are planning the return trip. My one friend last night said that when he first arrived he thought he was not going to know what he was going to do there for 8 days. Now he says he wish he would have stayed for another 8.

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    We will be there on Dec 3 - Dec 10. We have been to CTI and this will be our first trip to CN. We are wanting to go and try out the Pelican Bar. Loved CTI but looking forward to our stay at CN. If you go Couples you can never go wrong on any of the resorts in my humble opinion..

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    Going back for the 5th time in December! We can't wait! The happy dance has started!

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    CN was our first Couples experiance back in '04 and we consider it our "home" Couples. We went back "home" for the 3rd time last April. Our last stay at CN before that was in'06.
    Since the trip to CN in '06, we strayed away from "home" and alternated between CSS & CSA.
    For us, CSS runs a very close 2nd to CN but there's no place like "home" as they say.
    Your first good decision was choosing Couples, you can't go wrong at any of them. They all have their own personality and they all have the same great service, food & drink.
    The second good decision was choosing CN. You will love the layout of the resort, the best pool of all Couples resorts and a beach that is fantastic (CSA's beach ain't too shabby either BTW).
    Enjoy CN and don't be surprised if it doesn't become your new "home" too.

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    Once you go, there is something that never leaves your heart. We are going back for trip # 7 and we can hardly wait!

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    There seem to be a lot of December travelers posting to this thread. Many of you have not made yourselves known on the "Meet Up at Couples Negril", December 2012 thread. ( Check it out and leave your information so I can add you to the list. See who's going to be there with you!!!

    But I digress..

    We have stayed at three of the four Couples now plus a Trading Places day at CSS. Heading back to CN for the second time eight weeks from today. (Does that qualify for a single digit dance?). The constants we have seen at all of the resorts, as many have stated, is the quality of service, food and drinks. CN is no exception. What works best for us is to show up with very few things planned. We hope to do the Cat Cruise and maybe Trading Places with CSA. Other than that, we'll see what sand gravity does to us. We feel like we have to plan and schedule everything in our usual life. So when we get to Couples, we just let the current and vibe take us where it may. Obviously, with this being our 4th COuples visit (6th to Jamaica) something must work for us here.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We went for our Honeymoon this past June. We are making plans to go again for our One year anniversary. We like the thought that we "got it" with our first try, meaning, with all the other resorts all over the Caribbean, we feel like we found the best one. All the people we've talked to who've been to other resorts said CN is the only one they go to now. We've thought about trying other resorts, but if we do, and it doesn't live up to what CN has, then we'd be upset the rest of the trip. So it's Couples Negril for us from now on!

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