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    Default Final payment question


    I booked an "Early Escape" plan, and previously sent my downpayment. Final payment due date is coming up, and I'm not sure who to contact, or where to send?

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    I may be wrong, but I'm not sure anything happens... you might want to check your contract. They may send you a notice to inform you that they will be charging the same account you used for the down payment (unless you direct them otherwise). Another tip... check to be sure that the credit card you used for the down payment hasn't expired.

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    You have to also watch the expiration date on cards when using the love away plan for a long period of time. Ours expired and we received new cards - but I didn't think to call Couples with the new account number. They didn't hesitate to call me, however. No worries - the staff could not have been more helpful. I got the impression that this happens fairly often.

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    I just paid my final payment the other day. I called the reservation number. I had to give them a different card for my payment as I had a new account. I had to then email them and give them written permission via email to charge the new card. Happened without issue. I did however get the impression they would have tried to charge my old card on the due date which was a surprise to me. Just give them a call. They will take good care of you.

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