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    Default Tonight I gave in to temptation...

    And started packing for our trip to CSA! I know we don't leave until October 31st but I kept looking at all my vacation clothes and they just needed to be packed! We are soooooo excited. My sweetheart is returning from a year long deployment to Afghanistan and dreaming of this trip to Jamaica is what has kept us going!

    Pretty soon he will be home and we will be on our way!

    Any tips specifically for CSA? I'm hoping this trip will be incredibly relaxing and insanely romantic!

    Only 23 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Double the number of swim suits you planned on packing and then take out half of the other clothes you planned on packing and you will be just fine!

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    A bit last minute imho

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    Good for you!

    I actually thought you were going to say you ate an entire tub of icecream or something like that! I am a quarter of the way packed and I dont leave until Xmas Eve so pack away without guilt! I hope your guy returns home safely and have a safe trip1

    One Love

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    First off, thanks to you and your sweetheart for all you go through for all of us.

    We've somehow resisted the urge to pack for our departure next Saturday, but we HAVE been slowly setting aside our beach and resort wear, made our packing lists and what-not, and will actually begin packing today. We, too will be returning to our beloved home at SweptAway for out ninth visit!

    So I think I can offer you a perspective on how to spend your time there and to make it, as you say, incredibly relaxing and romantic.

    First off, when you arrive, make friends on the bus to the resort. You'll probably be spending some time being happy campers with some of these folks, so its a good idea to become acquainted. Right off the bat, you'll have something in common with some of them. Don't be afraid to find your demographic on the resort, too!

    But alone time is important, too! You can be as far away from the world as you want at SweptAway... its a long, spread out resort along the beautiful and World Famous Seven-Mile Beach of Negril, and takes up about 1/4 mile of it, so you'll have plenty of room to yourself. Don't forget to make reservations early for yourselves at Feathers, where you won't find a more romantic setting for dinner-for-two.

    There will be plenty of opportunities for dancing, whether it be to live music at The Palms, or clubbing the night away at The Aura Lounge... boogie away! Get to the Aura early on a couple of nights to enjoy time with Ultimate Chocolate and his Blazing Piano!... Tons of fun with a true gentleman!

    How about a Couples' Massage at the spa? Its quite a setup! You've got to check that out.

    Another great time is the Sunset Catamaran Cruise which take a boat load of fun from the resort to the Negril Lighthouse and back... with a stop to expore the caves along the Negril Cliffs. The crew is a blast, and there will be plenty of music, Red Stripe, and rum punch.

    Don't hesitate to go on one of the twice-daily snorkel trips to the reefs off the Negril coast. You'll be amazed by the color and diversity of this underwater habitat.

    There is lots to do at SweptAway... if you DO get bored, go to the tour desk or the concierge for some ideas; or, walk to the ocean, turn left, and walk... most of the Seven Mile Beach lies ahead for you to explore... enjoy it!

    We'll be sure to leave you plenty of RedStripe and rum when we leave. They'll have about a week to recover from our visit... do enjoy yours!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We leave for CSA on OCt 28th to Nov 7th, and I am pretty much all packed! lol My husband is in the Marines and will also be coming back from Afghanistan but only for his R&R. He has been done since February. He will have to go back after the trip but only for a few more months, he will finally be home for good in February. CSA is our favorite place on the planet, and thinking about this trip has definitely helped both of us get through the deployment. My best tip is to not to plan too much, relax, and just enjoy each other. CSA helps us reconnect from our busy, crazy lives, and careers. Its like CTRL-ALT-DELETES Its so easy to get burnt out in life so we try not to plan too much and just wing it. Congrats on him coming home. You will love CSA, its the perfect place to reconnect after being apart for so long.

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    Have a wonderful vacation and tell you sweetheart thank you from us for what he has been doing for us. YOu guys deserve the trip of a lifetime.

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    Pack away!!! You both deserve it! Thanks to him and you for the sacrifices made for the rest of us! Hope you have a wonderful time! My husband and I leave for CN on Oct. 12th. I just started packing glad you're not a procrastinator!

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