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    As a newbie I'm wondering if music is played at the beach bars on the nude beach of CTI +CSS. If so, is it loud enough to hear on the beach? I'm hoping that's it's quiet so that I can hear only the waves. Thanks!

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    When we have been on the Island, and its been awhile since we've been back (09), there was reggae playing at the swim up bar. You can not hear it on the east end of the island. But the music really adds to the vibe. It isn't rock or anything like that, jus reggae, so that sound combines to perfection with the waves crashing on the coral and the breeze and the sounds of happy couples laughing and enjoying another day in paradise. It all combines into the perfect amalgamation for the senses to partake of.

    amazing I just used amalgamation in a sentence...huh.

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    I can only speak to SSB, they do play music at the swim up bar, but I've never heard it on the beach. You should have peace and quiet.

    One Love,

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    They play music sometimes at the pool on Sunset Beach (CSS), but you can't hear it on the beach. The beach is quiet and relaxing. The pool area is much more social. On the beach, people generally keep to themselves while lying in the sun, reading, napping. The only time it was really loud while we were there was on a Saturday and there was a festival or something going on across the river/bay and the music was loud. Sunset Beach is a wonderful place and we are counting the days until we return.
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    There is no nude beach at CTI, just the island. There is music played at the pool, but if you go right on the island it is quiet with lots of wave action.

    The nude beach is far enough away from the Nude pool that the music is not any issue.

    Truthfully, the music is just from a boom box and isn't very loud. There is lots of privacy and quiet.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    LOL, you can barely hear the music being played at the pool bar when you are AT the pool bar. We usually sit on a deck near the pool/bar overlooking the ocean. All we hear are waves and laughter.

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    Just now at CTI at the Island the music played is a local radio station so thankfully not just regge music. The pool can get noisy depending on who is in or around it. As said the east end of the island is quiet. However we have noticed no-where on the beach or island can you get away from the noise of local trucks with rough exhausts (mufflers) on the road above the resort above the Bayside restaurant

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    Default Music at cti island bar

    They could use an upgrade on the boom box on the island...a little booze...the sun...the pool ...and some music are a great combination

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