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    Default can't wait to go back to CSA

    my husband and i just spent a week @ CSA. we absolutely loved every minute we were there and can't wait to go back! big shoutout to the watersports team and all the was amazing!

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    So glad to hear that Kcleebrick!! We will be going to CSA for our first time 12/9/12 and cant wait to go!!

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    Glad you had an AWESOME time welcome to the repeaters club!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Welcome to the madness! Razzl

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    Repeat after me " I am a coupleaholic, it has been ---- days since my last vist and I have --- days until I can return."

    Welcome to the family. .
    42 weeks 1 day and 18 hours

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    I'm so glad to hear it. Please write a review; I am so excited and nervous about our first time.

    (48 days and counting)

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    Very addicting. Welcome to the repeaters club.

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