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    Default Slideshow we would like to share at CSA

    We have not yet received our wedding photo's, but we thought we would share a slideshow we made of our honeymoon. We did not get any contact info for the people we met, so if you see yourself on there give us a holla! We had an amazing time.............. I will def. be returning! it was paradise.

    BTW we had wonderful background Jamaican background music but youtube made us take it off for copyright issues, I'm new to youtube so I don't know how to add music, does anyone else know how to? If so, please let me know : )

    Hope you guys enjoy = )

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    Great pictures ! You should place them on the regular message board, rather then under the Meet up site, will get more views. You look beautiful. I especially liked the photos from your beach dining, did you enjoy it ? I am considering doing it for our September trip. Thanks for sharing.

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    Gald you had an awesome honeymoon!! CSA is paradise!
    Randi & Sherri
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    Thanks SunKissedBride2B!! we are going to CSA for new years 2012 (our first time). It will be our honeymoon too It's really nice to get a "sneak peak" of what we are in for

    how was the zipline tour? its something I've wanted to try for a while now... thumbs up? down?


    and Congrats on your wedding !!

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    Great photos and congrats on your marriage!!

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    Nice pictures. Glad we got to meet you and who knows, we may wind up celebrating another anniversary there together. Maybe your 25th and our 50th....LOL

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    The slide show was great!!!

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    Those are wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing.

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