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    Default private dinner at sans souci

    Hi could someone please advise us where to have the private dinner at sans souci? We want to have it on a tuesday night because we really don't want to do the beach party. Which would be better the wedding gazzebo or the spa gazzebo? We want something very private from the beach party. Also does anyone have a menu for the private dinner at sans souci? Thank you Diane.

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    Hi Diane,
    You're trying Sans Souci this year? or Negril & Sans Souci? My Mike is always checking it out but, love Negril you know. What dates are you going? You'll have to send me an email. jam davis at century We did stop out to see you at River Bend about the 1st week in August but you had just left for vacation. We talked with someone from the campground who said he would make sure you got the Red Stripe we brought with, along with Appleton and blue mountain coffee.

    Cousin Jean

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    I was told the wedding gazebo is very romantic.

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    we had our private dinner in the wedding gazebo and it was perfect! very private, very romantic, couldn't have asked for better. i can't remember what exactly was on the menu (you can check online), but they did allow us to make a couple minor changes, and then the server even went and got us some extra hot sauce because we told him we liked spicey, and then he gave us an extra bottle of champagne to take back to our room w/o us even asking.

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    We did the dinner at the wedding gazebo and it's very private. I would highly recommended it.

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    When we were at CSS we had our private dinner at the spa gabezo on the same night at the starlight gala. It was fantastic! We felt like we were the only 2 people at the resort.

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    Hi Diane,
    My husband and I have been to CSS 3 times, with our 4th trip coming up in December. We have had 2 private dinners, once for our anniversary and the other for my 50th birthday. They were fabulous!!! Since I am paranoid about sand flea bites, we always have our private dinner in the wedding gazebo. It's beautifully decorated with flowers and secluded with no bugs! As for the menu, I think if you go to the pages for CSS there is a link that will give you menus for the restaurants and for the the private dinners. There are usually 2 options for the dinners to chose from. Since we had been to CSS before, I worked with the Guest Services team to create my own menu--steak for me and seafood for my hubby. Our meal was great. You can also contact the Romance Concierge and they will be happy to help you set up your private dinner.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Hi thank you everybody! Looks like we will book for the wedding gazzebo, I was just worried about the beach party if that would be private enough. I have looked online and the menus for the private dinner for sans souci are not listed. I also contacted the romance concierge about five times and they keep trying to send the menu but it comes throught scrammbed. I will call there this week and make arrangements. Thank you again. PS Jean sorry we missed you guys this summer we went to hilton head and charleston. Also we are still going to CN this year we just decided to try CSS for 7 nights and then onto CN for 12. Diane

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