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    Default Diving/Excursion advice @ CSA

    We're celebrating our 20th @ CSA in a few weeks and wondered if anyone has any diving/excursion advice. We're big divers...


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    Other than valet diving on a liveaboard, this will be some of the most care-free diving you have ever experienced. And if you don't have your own equipment or don't feel like lugging it down there, the equipment is all-included. Make sure you sign up for your dives one day in advance, just in case there are a lot of divers there. You get one dive in the morning and one dive in the afternoon from Sun-Fri. Two dives on saturday mornings only with no afternoon dive. Definitely try a night dive. Awesome underwater nightlife in Negril!

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    My fiance and I are looking into getting certified for our honeymoon in June. Do you have to have the Advanced Open Water certification to do a night dive?

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    No advanced needed Brynn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
    My fiance and I are looking into getting certified for our honeymoon in June. Do you have to have the Advanced Open Water certification to do a night dive?
    No, just OW. You should do it. Night dives are AWESOME!

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    We dived at CN in February. I think CSA and CN visit the same spots. We considered it a vacation with diving, not a dive vacation. The dives are pretty easy with warm water, little current and hard bottoms. The dives are basically follow the leader with the DM pointing out interesting critters. Our dives were 35 minutes or 1000psi, whichever came first. There's not a lot of large fish but plenty of little ones. Lion fish are definitely present. We saw lobster, rays, turtles, mackerel and dolphin. Couples provides all the gear if you don't want to haul your own. We used theirs last time but did bring our own mask and fins. Next visit we're bringing all our gear. Their bcd's don't use integrated weights so we used belts which the wife and I were a bit uncomfortable with.

    The surface interval could not be beat!

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    We planned a nice romantic vacation (not a "dive" vacation). Couples certianly delivered.. We ended up diving every day anyway (except for the day I played golf) and definetly enjoyed it. It is not Cozumel or Bonaire but was relaxing and fun. Some of the dives are for "Advanced divers" only and they were more fun and went to deeper locations. They typically have a morning and afternoon dives for certified divers(some are for "advanced" only) and then they do the "resort" divers late you don't have to worry about your dive being mixed with the non-certified divers.
    The dive crew (Glenroy, Shaggy(aka Christopher), Anthony and Jelotti(?)..were all great...As well as Frans in the dive shop).
    The better diving was up north (by the bridge)... We ended up diving with mostly the same 8 or so people all week....which made it more fun .... We had at least 4 dives that were over 60 minutes....hunting the lionfish was fun...Saw 3 sharks, turtles, rays.....not as much stuff as other locations but still enjoyable.

    We brought all of our gear except the BC's....worked out fine...


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